Sunday, April 29, 2018

Trump's N. Korean Strategy--Welcome to High Society, Mr. Kim!

As you know, the border village of Panmunjom recently hosted the historic meeting of the Presidents of South and North Korea, Moon Jae-in and Kim Jong-un. The two leaders shook hands, shared cold noodles, hugged, and vowed as a common goal to completely denuclearize both Koreas. They said they wish to realize a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula and finally bring an end to the long war. 
photo credit: Korean Press Pool 
From what I see on the news, it looks to me like diplomatic experts and commentators are misreading the event, and I'd like to give you my simple two cents on the matter. This is my opinion, of course, but let's see if I turn out to be right...

Yes, we all know that North Korea has a record of prevarication and false promises. But last week's summit between the two leaders looked genuine to me. I think the two Korean Presidents have come to a true rapprochement, and that both sides want nothing more than peace. We shall find out soon enough whether or not the doubts of the dubious prove themselves out. Meanwhile, the declarations of the two Presidents are sufficient to allow both parties to retire their nuclear ambitions with no loss of face, so why go throwing shade on Kim Jong-un's motives or North Korea's current capabilities? Congratulations are due them both!

Now, with a stipulation that the rapprochement is genuine and Kim Jong-un truly desires to retire from the role of ignorant backwater despot, why would he still wish to meet with President Trump? This is why:

Do you understand now? Kim Jong-un admires President Trump. He would like to be friends with President Trump. He would like to learn how to live like President Trump. He wants to know where to eat and where to shop and where to golf and, gosh, just everything! Of course he does! Why the heck not?! And if all three Presidents share the Nobel Peace Prize this year--would that be so bad?

Cyd Ropp, Ph.D.
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  1. My husband points out that Pres. Kim first met with Chinese President Xi Jinping, likely to discuss this very possibility. Therefore, the Nobel Prize can be shared as a 4-way, 4-Presidential split. Talk about history making!


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