Tuesday, December 11, 2018

A Simple Explanation of Fractals--the Broccoli Fractal Video Demonstration

Here is an introduction to the concept of fractals, using broccoli as an illustration. By the end of this super simple demonstration, you will understand how fractals divide using the pattern of self-similarity, and what it means to be an iteration of the original. Don't worry--you'll get it. And then you can dazzle your friends with your own broccoli fractal demonstration!
Broccoli fractal demonstration by Cyd Ropp, Ph.D. From her book and blog, A Simple Explanation of Absolutely Everything.

Read all about the conscious, fractal universe on Dr. Ropp's Simple Explanation blog. Or you can watch Cyd read and comment on her Simple Explanation book by viewing these short youtube videos.


  1. Hi Cyd, I really like your screens, I feel they really give your "clip" a zen like atmosphere I think they may also have the added bonus of helping improve the sound quality (maybe that was your intention!?!) and visually give the clip a less cluttered focused look. All the best, Thanks!

  2. Yah. These first video blogs are a crude attempt. I'll work on cranking the quality up as I go along.
    Ahem, if there are any local videographers watching this blog, I'd appreciate you coming to my house to produce better vids!


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