Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fractal Yarrow Flower

The yarrow flowers are abundant this year, due to an especially late spring and late, heavy rains. Yesterday, when I was out walking the dogs, I noticed how beautifully fractal the yarrow flowers are. Looking at the largest flowerhead shape here as the first level, you can easily see two fractal levels down from there--the florets within the flower have florets of their own. Here's the picture I took with my cell phone.
Notice how fractal the yarrow flower is
When I look at this outwardly bursting, fractal pattern I am reminded of ananda-joy energy exploding outward into our space-time continuum from the center of here and now.

Ananda-joy energy bursting outward into our space-time continuum manifests at the next fractal level up as the smallest level of material quanta (anu). The Simple Explanation proposes that a unit of consciousness (UC) is associated with every manifested thing, from quanta on up.
When the inward-poking forces wrap around from the outside and slide into the vortex, they wind up poking outward from the center in an explosive pattern. You can read more about toroidal flow here.
Here is what the yarrow flower looks like before it unfurls. All the florets are turned inward, facing the inside.
Can you see how the inside of the yarrow resembles the illustration above of toroidal flow? On the outside, you can see only the stems, looking very much like meme strings wrapped around a UC.
I am also reminded of "falling backward" into smaller and smaller fractal calculations until the pattern of the yarrow flower becomes the pattern of the molecules and the atoms and the sub-atomic particles fractally nesting until not even their wave forms remain to disturb the singularity of pure consciousness.
At the beginning of this article I identified three fractal levels of one repetitive pattern that makes up the yarrow flower. Here are a couple of more pictures that demonstrate two more fractal levels up from the flower. Looking at the entire plant, you can see that each yarrow flower is to the plant as each floret is to the flower. One level up from there, you can see that each yarrow plant is to the field as each flower is to the plant, as each floret is to the flower, as each tiny floret is to the larger floret...
Yarrow flower
Yarrow plant
Yarrow field


  1. That's not yarrow. It's Queen Anne's Lace. Yarrow does not grow in a "fractal" pattern like that.

    1. You're right, that does look a lot like Queen Anne's Lace.

      There is a kind of Yarrow that grows fractally--it's the yellow flower with the heavy, dense head. It grows in my yard and I often use it for fractal demonstrations.