Friday, December 23, 2011

Meme Share: Happy Holidays / Holy Days To You

Christmas tree at the Albion Inn, Ashland, Oregon
Dear Simple Explanation blog Followers and Subscribers,

Holidays/Holy Days are universal memes shared by all human societies. And, while it is the memes we do not share that define us as separate cultures, it is the memes we do share that bring us together.

Our customs and rituals, songs and prayers may differ, the food we share with loved ones not at all alike; yet do we not all share the concepts "feast," and "family," and "reverence"? These are the memes we share. This is what we celebrate.

So, when I say "Merry Christmas to You," please pay no attention to whatever negative memes you may attach to the phrase, for those are not the memes I mean to invoke. When I say, "Merry Christmas to You" the memes that dance in my head are peace, love, and joy, and I am hoping to share those memes with you. Let us rise above the particulars that divide us.

Love to you,  cyd
Cyd and Gary with dogs Franny and Zoey,
Christmas in Tucson, 2010

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