Monday, June 25, 2012

Process Note: Proof Copy of Simple Explanation Book Under Review

As you know, the Simple Explanation of Absolutely Everything manuscript was completed recently. Several copies of a pdf version of the manuscript are circulating amongst a variety of qualified readers. A couple of readers are blog followers and majority are former guests of our bed and breakfast here in Ashland, Oregon.

Do any of you have a strong opinion as to whether I should seek a traditional publishing house, or whether I should go ahead and publish and distribute it myself? Know any agents?


    I haven't published anything, although friends / associates of mine have, which is where I first learned about LuLu.
    Hope this helps.

  2. Thanks for your helpful info, OZ. I've used before, with my first sci-fi novel, Reality Crash. It's usually easy enough to use, although this time, curiously enough, my pdf of The Simple Explanation will not upload. This is part of the delay, because I need to go back into the manuscript and reformat a few things, then try the whole process again. The universe is stopping me from prematurely publishing the book, it would seem.