Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Brain Cell Fractal of Universal Patterns

One of the blog's readers sent me some excellent feedback on the Simple Explanation manuscript. Here is one of the images he forwarded to me, which I now pass along to you. I had not seen this visual comparison before.

The Simple Explanation of the remarkable similarity between the brain cell components and the image of the universe is that the cell is a fractal of the same forces and information as the universe itself. In other words, if we could write a fractal formula that would express what we are seeing in the image on the left, it would be the same formula as the image on the right--only the scale differs. (for more on fractals, read Ch.2 of the Simple Explanation: A Simple Fractal Model of  the Conscious Universe).

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  1. Dear Cyd,
    The fractal organization of the universe (and universes beyond and within)is a wonder to behold, and the toroidal pulsation is another beautiful example of this fundamental organizational feature, as are the filament structures that we can observe at all scales. However, you may want to reevaluate your inclusion of black holes, dark matter, and the big bang, as well as Einstein's mathematical meanderings, in your cosmology. Such constructs are called into question by what many astronomers, cosmologists, and electrical engineers are now proving--namely, that the universe and everything in it, is electrical. Black holes and dark matter are necessary to fudge the mathematics. See Wal Thornhill's website "The Electric Universe" (www.holoscience.com).
    Best regards, Cyd. I'm Clyde, and my wife Elizabeth and I stayed at your lovely place in Ashland a couple of summers ago.