Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Process Report

At the start of our off-season I promised plenty of blog articles. That didn't happen to the extent I had anticipated. Ah well. My husband retired in December and now I find my spare time occupied with tandem activities rather than contemplation and writing.

We bought a motorhome, for example, and travelled with the cats and dogs for three weeks this winter.
Cyd and Gary's mini-Winnebago 31' motorhome. Plenty of room for people, dogs, and cats.
The bed and breakfast is for sale, so even bigger changes are coming as we decide what's next. I'm trusting the universal UC to keep this Simple Explanation ball rolling. I'll be as interested as you in where it all winds up.

I recently gave a book talk at a bookstore in Roseburg, Oregon. Had a small but delightful crowd. They told me about Marko Rodin's toroidal geometry. Gary and I are looking at his math system now. Any of you have familiarity with it?

Onward and upward!



  1. Congrats on Gary's retirement! It sounds like you had fun on your three week vacation in your motorhome. Good luck on the sale of your B&B.... My hubby & I enjoyed staying there in 2011. You and Gary were lovely hosts. :-)

  2. i've been reading about marko rodin. wanna chat about it

  3. Chat away, my friend. What have you learned? The system looks like an adaptation of some classic numerology system I noticed. Does he acknowledge its origin?