Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fractal Cloud of Monarch Butterflies

A massive cloud of monarch butterflies heading south for winter through St. Louis, Missouri, looks like a giant butterfly. A nice example of nature replicating patterns up and down scale. The small white lines on the chart indicate counties. This butterfly cloud is huge.
Gigantic cloud of monarch butterflies crossing Missouri.
In fractal terms, you could say the cloud is a fractal iteration upscale of the butterfly. The wings are obvious, and it even replicated the antennae and body! In the third panel where you can barely see the cloud, the butterflies are probably wings down in unison flapping and not reflecting the radar.


  1. Hi Cyd. Heather and I stopped at a butterfly pavilion on our way home after our visit to Ashland and the Albion (9/20/14). We were curious about the monarch migration; imagine my surprise when I saw this on my news feed! I thought of you and wondered what you would say about it. :) It is a Wonder, how the radar image reflects the shape of a butterfly...butterflies within butterflies. You have me thinking my dear, you have me thinking. ~Beverly

  2. Hi Cyd,

    After reading several articles on your blog, I googled on "idée fixe".
    I actually wonder if I've been too much attained by "helical madness". Here is my blog :

    I loved your articles on toroidal ... I liked tomatoes and other fruits with toroidal patterns. Whales making toroidal rings. Apples ... I think I'll follow your articles.

    helically yours,

  3. Hi Tony. Great to hear from you. Welcome to the helical madness club. Glad you like my Simple observations.

  4. Cyd,

    Here is an article in French which may certainly interest you :

    I came to it by searching "tore" on google images ... I'm actually concentrating on toroidal shapes even if I see everything through helical lenses. I'm still very surprised by Apples and tomatoes ... I'm going to post something on this in near future ...

    Tell me : aren't you surprised by our DNA which has a double-helix shape ? And planets which have helical trajectories (DjSadhu videos on youtube originating from Nassim Haramein ideas) ?

    After brooding over 3 days on toroidal shapes and seeing the world through toroidal lenses, I think that you may see Helixes as some inner structure of a torus. You must certainly think that the principle/primordial shape is a toroidal one, from which a helix shape can be deduced (?). Helix as secondary or some byproduct of the primordial pattern ?

    Another article which may interest you :


  5. Hi Tony. did you see my blog article called "Drawings of Toroidal Forces--Universal Forces"? It shows, as an afterthought, the spirals and helixes that emerge from the torus center. Of course these are merely my non-mathematical musings and observations...

  6. Oh my gosh, Tony. I can't believe the cosmometry website! Their torus dynamic flow page is exactly like my model! This is exciting to me as it validates my own private ideas. Very cool.