Thursday, April 16, 2015

Simple Explanation Featured in Two Journals

Two academic journals are currently devoting full issues to A Simple Explanation of Absolutely Everything. Talk about a big jump up in validation and credibility! 

Here are the cover shots:
The Journal of Consciousness Exploration and Research featuring A Simple Explanation of Absolutely Everything

The Scientific GOD Journal featuring A Simple Explanation of Absolutely Everything
I'm thankful to journal editor Huping Hu for taking the time to sift through all of the articles published here at the Simple Explanation blog to come up with these two distinct journal issues. It is obvious that he understood the concepts by his careful editorial choices.  Again, many thanks.


  1. Dear "Find Handmade." Thank you for your positive feedback. I truly hope you are on your spiritual journey and not simply phishing. I'm deleting your comment because of the live link to your commercial enterprise. If this is in error, please repost a comment and leave out the link. Blessings to you.

  2. Dear Cyd, Thank you for your tightly spun treatise. You've covered many of my own areas of investigation and definitely expanded the matrix for me. I don't know about a final T.O.E. but you've definitely supported my own understanding of G.O.D., the Grand Organizing Design we hold in awe and wonder and throughout the eons have mythologized and imbued with human qualities, reducing it to god, gods, and God.

    1. Thanks, Daniel! Would you consider leaving a book review for me at either or both the site and As you might imagine, not many people feel qualified to comment on the theory. Thanks again.