Monday, May 11, 2015

Inner Life of a Cell Video Repost

This is a lovely video illustrating the unseen actions of our cells. According to the Simple Explanation, each of these tiny objects is a Unit of Consciousness, doing its job. Every thing in the universe knows how to do the job it was instantiated to do by means of its Unit of Consciousness. We humans are most definitely not the only things that are conscious!

I really like how the motor protein lumbers along on its giant feet like a big bear.


  1. I suspect the Russians are using this video link somehow. Waaay too many hits on this old post to be legit. IF YOU ARE A HUMAN SEEING THIS COMMENT, PLEASE REPLY SO I CAN SEE IF HUMANS OR ROBOTS ARE DOING THIS...

  2. Just wrote an updated article. Now it clearly appears to be Ukrainians and Russians somehow using my blog. See updated article: