Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Meme Share!

Here's a new term I've just thought up: "meme share."  Meme Sharing is what you do when you share a meme that is dear to you with others. If you look at the post called "Onward and Upward" you will see the first instance of meme sharing.

Sharing memes accomplishes at least three things I can think of:
  1. revealing your important memes to others in the hopes they will pick them up and use them;
  2. revealing your important memes to others so that others will know you better;
  3. building communities through shared memes.
What types of memes can you share?
  • mottos, sayings, and maxims, like "Onward and Upward" or "It's All Good"
  • iconic artwork, photos, architecture, etc. that you admire
  • favorite books, movies, songs
  • favorite things, like Rocky Road ice cream, or puppies, or sunsets
  • values that are important to you, like Justice or Liberty
Imagine that Meme Sharing could become another type of social networking. We could start it off here, at the Simple Explanation blog site. Wanna get in on the ground floor? Leave your memes here, under Comments. Just share one meme per posting, and tell us briefly why it's important to you and how we might be better off if we also adopted that meme.


  1. I like your blog! A meme I like is "Pay It Foward" & defined as doing a favor for another person without any expectation of being paid back.

    It feels great to give/help others. By not expecting a favor of being paid back, one can fully enjoy that particular moment of giving to another person.

  2. Reading is one of my all time favorite hobbies. I find myself mostly reading both nonfiction or fiction books (verses magazines or the local newspaper) and find that reading is a great way to relax, learn something new, see the world through the eyes of someone else, experience another point of view, etc.

  3. So glad to see the first two meme shares!
    "Pay it forward" can be seen in one of the basic principles of the Simple Explanation: reaching out to others with love and information (i.e. favors).
    Yes, I love reading, too!

  4. Here's a good meme that embodies the joyful duty of every UC:

    "How can I be of service to you?"

    "How can I be of service?" is a reaching out to others with help; "to you?" reminds us that it is really only here and now that we can effect any change, so the other, the "you," is someone who needs help standing right there in front of you, not halfway around the world.

  5. Hi Cyd, this one is similar to yours
    "Today I am sharing my best being to you"
    my best service, my best effort, my best everything,
    especially when someone ask me for some favor, I was looking for "what can I get?" instead of being my
    best to you.
    I am going to make miracles apear if I decide to share my best to you Now, now in this moment, this way I prevent from How long will it take or how will I do it.

    This is still a journey to me because I fail in situations that I did't realice but I did, I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you

  6. My attempt to pun karma and entropy as a possibly credible translation, led to this:

    There are different senses of information. A simple explanation is given in
    < > under: 1-Supports of Communications.

    Perhaps this would be a meme-share? Both Sheldrake and deRosnay have been put down too long by mainstream “Science”. If they would chat, their notions of ‘morphic fields’ and ‘morphogenetic resonance’ could yield further potential for free thought.

    Dr. Ropp’s thesis is right there with them; but something tells me it is… simpler.

    The Macroscope is wonderful, full of far-out teachings and cartoons. It has been republished for easy access by Principia Cybernetica.

    I love this stuff. Dr. Ropp has renewed my vigor for it.

  7. I read the chapter of The Macroscope at the url Greg pointed to. Good book. Basic communication theory taken to its logical extremes. I could relate. I especially like the part about "real time" mediated communication; the idea that we are able to exchange relevant information on an as needed basis through the miracle of mass communication. Interesting that this book precedes the internet revolution. Now it's the web that helps us exchange lateral information, whereas the mass media is downline communication. I've noticed since putting up The Simple Explanation blogspot that my research into toroids and others use of google images is tying us all together in a very dynamic way. Surely progress toward Truth will result.