Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Meme Share!

Here's a new term I've just thought up: "meme share."  Meme Sharing is what you do when you share a meme that is dear to you with others. If you look at the post called "Onward and Upward" you will see the first instance of meme sharing.

Sharing memes accomplishes at least three things I can think of:
  1. revealing your important memes to others in the hopes they will pick them up and use them;
  2. revealing your important memes to others so that others will know you better;
  3. building communities through shared memes.
What types of memes can you share?
  • mottos, sayings, and maxims, like "Onward and Upward" or "It's All Good"
  • iconic artwork, photos, architecture, etc. that you admire
  • favorite books, movies, songs
  • favorite things, like Rocky Road ice cream, or puppies, or sunsets
  • values that are important to you, like Justice or Liberty
Imagine that Meme Sharing could become another type of social networking. We could start it off here, at the Simple Explanation blog site. Wanna get in on the ground floor? Leave your memes here, under Comments. Just share one meme per posting, and tell us briefly why it's important to you and how we might be better off if we also adopted that meme.