Saturday, August 21, 2010

Onward and Upward!

Here's a meme for you: "Onward and Upward!" 

"Onward and upward!" is encouragement to get back up and get back in the game.  
"Onward and Upward!" releases us from disappointment when expectations aren't met. 
"Onward and Upward!" allows us to be fully present in the here and now and available for the next opportunity.
Gotta go now.  Onward and Upward!


  1. to be in the Present, brings clarity and peace. I was in a chronic disapointment about everything because of the past. Now I know ¡Onward and Upward! forever

  2. Muchas Gracias for your comments, Cesar. I really like how in Spanish you put the exclamation point before and after the meme-- It makes it look so much more emphatic! Onward and upward forever, indeed!

  3. hi Cyd nice to meet you. I love your blog it is very interesting and inspiring, thank you very much for your sharing and Love.

    post you soon.