Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Toroidal Patterns in Fruit

I love seeing the toroidal patterns in the fruits and vegetables as I prepare them for salads. Here are a few pictures from my kitchen that clearly illustrate how the toroidal flow imprints itself upon fruit.

Could this apple resemble the torus any more closely?

The Simple Explanation's basic toroidal forces: yellow arrows = love, coherence, gravity pressing inward; white arrows cycle around the outside, up, over, and straight down through the center = constantly recycling protoenergy, karma; arrows out from the middle = ananda, joy, expansion, energetic and material manifestation into our apparent universe. 

This is the toroidal pattern of creation, fractally replicating as an apple. The straight stem follows the pattern of the toroidal pole. The skin takes the shape of the outside of the torus, wrapping over the lip and falling into the gravity well of the stem. The seed explosion at the middle resembles the ananda/joy point of individual manifestation, carrying forward the next iteration of fractal expressions of the torus.

Top view of apple showing the outside flow pattern of the torus, as lines loop from pole to pole and then over the top hump and down into the center. The toroidal pole comes straight up the middle.
Top view of the most basic energetic patterns of creation. This is a top view of the Simple Explanation toroidal forces diagram above.
 A few days ago I was moved to photograph these cherry tomatoes as I was preparing them for an omelet.

The first thing that struck me was the impression of the Tree of Life in the tomato half, like a sparkling little diorama of a tree and its roots.

Cherry tomato tree of life
Next I was struck by the perfect torus shape.
The cherry tomato is a fractal iteration of the universal toroidal fractal.
(the following section has been relocated from the "stay centered" article.)

Oftentimes, matter can be seen as an allegorical expression of idealistic patterns. I recently noticed even more similarities between this toroidal model and the seed patterns in fruit.
The star of seeds inside a pear is like particles pouring out of the big bang.

The star of seeds at the center of the pear expresses the fractal formula of the pear.
Behold the UC as expressed by the pear. You can see the dynamic energy of both vitality and information exploding from the center of the pear as a starburst of seeds. The center point of the toroid expresses both energy and joy and it bursts forth into our universe. The patterns at the center of the fruit are fractally true. The center is life and truth. It is the center from which the metaversal pattern emerges. Near the seeds we see an area of denser nutrients (the intense yellow of the bottom photo). This area can be thought of as the sustenance of our immediate surroundings, placed there by the Universal UC for our use and care. The meaty area outside that is what I think of as somewhat removed from the middle, as consciousness looking outward rather than inward. There are no metaversal seeds out there. Finally, we can see the skin containing this pear, holding it separate, sealing it off, protecting and constraining.

The star of seeds, ananda/joy, exploding from the middle. Love/coherence pressing inward from the skin. A UC made manifest.

On another note, this morning when I opened the Albion Inn's refrigerator, I was greeted by this charming watermelon.

The outside of this watermelon reminds me of the Simple Explanation's model of memes shrouding UCs, wrapping around the torus shape from pole to pole and back again through the middle:

toroidal pattern on the watermelon's skin


  1. Hey man, have you cut a watermelon in half?
    It's awesome, with the "overbeck jet pattern" reapeating itself many times more :)
    Love of Toroidal Love :)

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