Friday, May 27, 2011

Is Gravity a Toroidal Force?

What is gravity? Whence does it originate?

It occurs to me that gravity could be the attractive force of the outside of the toroidal shell that transmits our fractal consciousness.
In the diagram below, the yellow arrows pointing inward have been identified by the Simple Explanation as "coherence," or "love." At the very large level of the Universal UC, this force of coherence extends into our universe as the force that contains our space/time continuum and that ultimately draws the multiplicity of fractal UCs back to itself. 

At the very small level of material instantiation, this inward force of cohesion feels like a "pull," drawing anything outside itself toward the surface of its shell. This is the same fundamental force that contains, at the very large scale, or pulls, at the very small scale, always seeking reunification of the diverse manifestations.

Every UC carries this inward toroidal force. When groups of UCs "hold hands" to work together to build larger/more complex manifestations, this force helps them hook up with each other, coherence. This inward force would be additive, so the more aggregates clumped together, the stronger the "gravity."

Let's talk this over. Could this inward force be gravity? Wouldn't it operate empirically the way gravity operates, and affect those around it the same way  gravity is said to affect time and space? What am I missing here?

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