Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Simple Cosmology of the Universe

Before the beginning, before space and time, there was nothing but pure consciousness. And consciousness had neither pattern nor form, only awareness.
The Simple Explanation calls the pure consciousness that exists outside our universe the “metaverse.” In the original Greek, “meta” means an idea above and beyond the topic of discussion that brings greater understanding and context to the topic. In this case, the topic is the nature of the universe. In order to better understand our universe, the Simple Explanation begins with that which lies beyond this universe—the metaverse. This metaverse has many names in many traditions—“The Great ‘I AM’” and “God the Father” in the Torah and Bible, “Sat” and “Parambrahma” in Hindu scriptures, the “Tao” and “wu ming” in ancient Chinese texts, and “The Absolute” in modern philosophy.

Then consciousness had a thought which unfolded into countless dimensions. This multi-dimensional metaverse still lacked space and time but it now quivered with limitless mathematical potential. In a twinkling, our entire universe was imagined in the fullness of its complexity, from the tiniest quanta through the greatest astral body; every animal, vegetable, and mineral; every element; everything. At the moment this thought occurred, the metaverse conceived every organizing principle needed to shape and sustain space and time, energy and mass. All was in ideal balance. Every system was theoretically in tune; every function perfectly performed; the consequence of every action anticipated, understood, and plotted to the nth degree. And it was all good.

Once the metaverse formed a particular thought, thought became an object in the great sea of no-thought. Where there was only pure consciousness, now there existed something—thought. In order to preserve the undisturbed tranquility of the metaverse, thought sealed itself off from pure consciousness by focusing inward, and in so doing formed a toroidal-shaped bubble around itself. Where there was only the tranquil nothingness of the metaverse, there was now thought and directed action, initiating sequential time. On this day that time began, consciousness wrapped itself around our universe, forming a border between us and infinity. Mind took on a shape.
The “Shape of God’s mind,” also known as  the “Universal Unit of Consciousness,” the “Womb of Creation,” the “Son of God,” “logos,” “the Word,” the “universal fractal formula.” We can think of this wireframe version of the toroid as the idealized mathematical blueprint imagined by the metaversal consciousness prior to creation.
This toroidal-shaped membrane is composed of conscious thought and its concept of this universe, split off from the unformed metaverse and operating on its own. The Simple Explanation calls this original torus the Universal Unit of Consciousness (Universal UC). The content of its thought is the entire logos of our universe. The Bible puts it this way:“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. Logos was in the beginning with God. All things were made through the Word, and without this logos, nothing was made that was made,” (John 1:1).

Which begs the question: How is it possible for an object (our universe) to rest "inside" the formless metaverse without affecting its undifferentiated nature? How can space and non-dimensionality, time and timelessness, change and the changeless co-exist without touching the untouchable metaverse?

This paradox is easily solved by imagining that the toroidal membrane itself possesses a fractal surface akin to the Koch snowflake. As you can see, through endless divisions, the perimeter of the figure becomes infinitely complex and long, while the interior of the 2-dimensional Koch snowflake remains finite and contained to the figure, never reaching "outside."

These are the first four iterations of the Koch snowflake fractal formula. At each computation, a side is divided into three equal segments and an equilateral triangle the length of a segment is placed at the center segment. The center segment’s line is then erased, leaving behind a perimeter that is four times longer than the original side. Even though endless computations may lengthen the perimeter to infinity, the snowflake’s volume remains finite.
Now imagine applying the Koch divisions to the surface of the Universal UC torus, with the divisions facing outside. As the membrane divides toward infinity, the space within remains finite and contained; keeping the undifferentiated unity of the metaverse unsullied. The effect of this infinitely recursive fractal surface can be likened to that of an invisibility force field deployed around our universe, i..e, "What happens in our universe, stays in our universe."

The concentrated thought of the Universal UC focused inward on a singular point of limitless energetic potential—enough to seed our universe. Concentration gave rise to toroidal forces that begat energetic waves. Our universe began to expand outward as energy exploded into the torus of space out of the zero point field at the center. In Sanskrit, “ananda” means both energy and joy. The Simple Explanation suggests that organized consciousness , “chit,” combined with ananda and began emitting the building blocks of our universe.
Shape gives rise to toroidal forces that explode into dimensional space as patterns of energy culminating in material quanta.  Cosmologists refer to this initial energetic event as the Big Bang.
As the interior torus of our universe expanded, over and over and over again pale echoes of the Universal UC attached themselves to the particles streaming out of the Big Bang. In Sanskrit, these smallest material quanta are individually known as “anu” and collectively called “maya,” or creation. “Avidya,” Sanskrit for “loss of consciousness” or “delusion,” is a necessary by-product of material instantiation as each individualized point-of-view in time and space replaces universal, non-localized awareness.
The Universal UC pulses with concentration at the birth of every thing in our universe. These pulsations funnel waves of consciousness inward from the border of the Universal UC toward creation, informing each new piece of material with its own unit of consciousness (UC) as it emerges from the universal portal of here and now.

Particles rush into our universe from the zero point field at the center, exploding outward, filling our universe from the middle. The outer fractal membrane presses inward to contain the energy exploding outward. Matter flows outward from the middle, repulsed by the energy streaming into the universe from the center, and coherence presses inward from the outer universal boundary. We experience the repulsive energy as “joy” and excitation, and the containing energy as “love” and security.
This cutaway view of the torus from the top shows ananda/joy exploding outward
and coherence/love pressing in.
This is the point in creation when the Universal UC is traditionally referred to by such names as “God the Creator,” “Shakti,” and the “Mother of 10,000 Things.”

Time passes and creation becomes more complex as subatomic particles reach out to one another according to the principles of organization conceived by the metaverse and set into motion by the Universal UC.

And particles joined to make atoms, atoms to make molecules, molecules to make single-celled organisms. Single-celled organisms diversified into the full panoply of life, and every one of these material building blocks came equipped with its own unit of consciousness (UC). Each unit of consciousness knew what particular role it needed to play in order to help the universe create and sustain itself, for every UC could decode and instantiate its own special piece of the metaversal ideal.

quanta UC
atomic UC
molecular UC
cellular UC
organism UC
societal UC
global UC

At each stage along the way from simple to complex, units of consciousness are increasingly sophisticated in their ability to regulate and manage their existence.

Sustaining Creation requires an uninterrupted stream of organization and intention funneling inward from the border that separates our space and time from the metaverse at large. Like pure potential pouring down the gravitational well of a great black hole, our possible futures become increasingly limited as they funnel toward the crucible of here and now at the heart of creation. Here and now, all potentials collapse as only one course of action is realized.

We generally refer to collapsed potential as “history.” The “future” is uncollapsed potential. There are an infinite number of potential futures that become increasingly constrained as they approach here and now. Here and now is the gateway of singular choice. The arrow of time flows downward through the middle of the torus, past here and now, and emerges into the past as a line of singular history. “Karma” is the consequence of historical choices made in the here and now.

Karma is the mechanism through which the consequences of behavior inform future potential. Karma is a force of influence that arises out of the decision-making history of every unit of consciousness in the universe. Each UC generates its own karma. We are all affected by one another’s karma. The more a unit of consciousness has in common with another UC, the more it is affected by the other’s karma. Our aggregate karma affects all of creation.