Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Simple Cosmology of the Universe

Before the beginning, before space and time, there was nothing but pure consciousness. And consciousness had neither pattern nor form, only awareness.
The Simple Explanation calls the pure consciousness that exists outside our universe the “metaverse.” In the original Greek, “meta” means an idea above and beyond the topic of discussion that brings greater understanding and context to the topic. In this case, the topic is the nature of the universe. In order to better understand our universe, the Simple Explanation begins with that which lies beyond this universe—the metaverse. This metaverse has many names in many traditions—“The Great ‘I AM’” and “God the Father” in the Torah and Bible, “Sat” and “Parambrahma” in Hindu scriptures, the “Tao” and “wu ming” in ancient Chinese texts, and “The Absolute” in modern philosophy.

Then consciousness had a thought which unfolded into countless dimensions. This multi-dimensional metaverse still lacked space and time but it now quivered with limitless mathematical potential. In a twinkling, our entire universe was imagined in the fullness of its complexity, from the tiniest quanta through the greatest astral body; every animal, vegetable, and mineral; every element; everything. At the moment this thought occurred, the metaverse conceived every organizing principle needed to shape and sustain space and time, energy and mass. All was in ideal balance. Every system was theoretically in tune; every function perfectly performed; the consequence of every action anticipated, understood, and plotted to the nth degree. And it was all good.

Once the metaverse formed a particular thought, thought became an object in the great sea of no-thought. Where there was only pure consciousness, now there existed something—thought. In order to preserve the undisturbed tranquility of the metaverse, thought sealed itself off from pure consciousness by focusing inward, and in so doing formed a toroidal-shaped bubble around itself. Where there was only the tranquil nothingness of the metaverse, there was now thought and directed action, initiating sequential time. On this day that time began, consciousness wrapped itself around our universe, forming a border between us and infinity. Mind took on a shape.
The “Shape of God’s mind,” also known as  the “Universal Unit of Consciousness,” the “Womb of Creation,” the “Son of God,” “logos,” “the Word,” the “universal fractal formula.” We can think of this wireframe version of the toroid as the idealized mathematical blueprint imagined by the metaversal consciousness prior to creation.
This toroidal-shaped membrane is composed of conscious thought and its concept of this universe, split off from the unformed metaverse and operating on its own. The Simple Explanation calls this original torus the Universal Unit of Consciousness (Universal UC). The content of its thought is the entire logos of our universe. The Bible puts it this way:“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. Logos was in the beginning with God. All things were made through the Word, and without this logos, nothing was made that was made,” (John 1:1).

Which begs the question: How is it possible for an object (our universe) to rest "inside" the formless metaverse without affecting its undifferentiated nature? How can space and non-dimensionality, time and timelessness, change and the changeless co-exist without touching the untouchable metaverse?

This paradox is easily solved by imagining that the toroidal membrane itself possesses a fractal surface akin to the Koch snowflake. As you can see, through endless divisions, the perimeter of the figure becomes infinitely complex and long, while the interior of the 2-dimensional Koch snowflake remains finite and contained to the figure, never reaching "outside."

These are the first four iterations of the Koch snowflake fractal formula. At each computation, a side is divided into three equal segments and an equilateral triangle the length of a segment is placed at the center segment. The center segment’s line is then erased, leaving behind a perimeter that is four times longer than the original side. Even though endless computations may lengthen the perimeter to infinity, the snowflake’s volume remains finite.
Now imagine applying the Koch divisions to the surface of the Universal UC torus, with the divisions facing outside. As the membrane divides toward infinity, the space within remains finite and contained; keeping the undifferentiated unity of the metaverse unsullied. The effect of this infinitely recursive fractal surface can be likened to that of an invisibility force field deployed around our universe, i..e, "What happens in our universe, stays in our universe."

The concentrated thought of the Universal UC focused inward on a singular point of limitless energetic potential—enough to seed our universe. Concentration gave rise to toroidal forces that begat energetic waves. Our universe began to expand outward as energy exploded into the torus of space out of the zero point field at the center. In Sanskrit, “ananda” means both energy and joy. The Simple Explanation suggests that organized consciousness , “chit,” combined with ananda and began emitting the building blocks of our universe.
Shape gives rise to toroidal forces that explode into dimensional space as patterns of energy culminating in material quanta.  Cosmologists refer to this initial energetic event as the Big Bang.
As the interior torus of our universe expanded, over and over and over again pale echoes of the Universal UC attached themselves to the particles streaming out of the Big Bang. In Sanskrit, these smallest material quanta are individually known as “anu” and collectively called “maya,” or creation. “Avidya,” Sanskrit for “loss of consciousness” or “delusion,” is a necessary by-product of material instantiation as each individualized point-of-view in time and space replaces universal, non-localized awareness.
The Universal UC pulses with concentration at the birth of every thing in our universe. These pulsations funnel waves of consciousness inward from the border of the Universal UC toward creation, informing each new piece of material with its own unit of consciousness (UC) as it emerges from the universal portal of here and now.

Particles rush into our universe from the zero point field at the center, exploding outward, filling our universe from the middle. The outer fractal membrane presses inward to contain the energy exploding outward. Matter flows outward from the middle, repulsed by the energy streaming into the universe from the center, and coherence presses inward from the outer universal boundary. We experience the repulsive energy as “joy” and excitation, and the containing energy as “love” and security.
This cutaway view of the torus from the top shows ananda/joy exploding outward
and coherence/love pressing in.
This is the point in creation when the Universal UC is traditionally referred to by such names as “God the Creator,” “Shakti,” and the “Mother of 10,000 Things.”

Time passes and creation becomes more complex as subatomic particles reach out to one another according to the principles of organization conceived by the metaverse and set into motion by the Universal UC.

And particles joined to make atoms, atoms to make molecules, molecules to make single-celled organisms. Single-celled organisms diversified into the full panoply of life, and every one of these material building blocks came equipped with its own unit of consciousness (UC). Each unit of consciousness knew what particular role it needed to play in order to help the universe create and sustain itself, for every UC could decode and instantiate its own special piece of the metaversal ideal.

quanta UC
atomic UC
molecular UC
cellular UC
organism UC
societal UC
global UC

At each stage along the way from simple to complex, units of consciousness are increasingly sophisticated in their ability to regulate and manage their existence.

Sustaining Creation requires an uninterrupted stream of organization and intention funneling inward from the border that separates our space and time from the metaverse at large. Like pure potential pouring down the gravitational well of a great black hole, our possible futures become increasingly limited as they funnel toward the crucible of here and now at the heart of creation. Here and now, all potentials collapse as only one course of action is realized.

We generally refer to collapsed potential as “history.” The “future” is uncollapsed potential. There are an infinite number of potential futures that become increasingly constrained as they approach here and now. Here and now is the gateway of singular choice. The arrow of time flows downward through the middle of the torus, past here and now, and emerges into the past as a line of singular history. “Karma” is the consequence of historical choices made in the here and now.

Karma is the mechanism through which the consequences of behavior inform future potential. Karma is a force of influence that arises out of the decision-making history of every unit of consciousness in the universe. Each UC generates its own karma. We are all affected by one another’s karma. The more a unit of consciousness has in common with another UC, the more it is affected by the other’s karma. Our aggregate karma affects all of creation.


  1. This post is the beginning of the "Simple Explanation of Absolutely Everything" book I'm working on. I've tried to keep it simple, as promised. Does this make sense to you?

  2. Cyd, you have succeeded at simplifying a "simple explanation." Your exposition is clean, clear, and enlightening. Well done! I look forward to your remaining exposition. Bill

  3. wow! thank-you so much for putting the words and visuals to the deep inner knowing and visions I've experienced for a few years now..


  4. Thank you Anonymous! I'm hoping to complete the book before summer. Please tell you friends.

  5. I have shared your blog site on LIGHTWORKERS.ORG. There are many of us that have been seeing this pattern, and trying to piece together what you have so simply and exquisitely reflected on this site. I go by OMNISCIENCE on the site if you want to check out the sharing. Some comments back from other lightworkers indicate they have already started exploring your site and are in awe of your work.

    so looking forward to your book.

    thanks again...OMni

  6. I am only 33 but came to the same conclusions you did, but would like to expound on some things I have come to believe as part of this picture. I have practiced all walks of spirituality, but have come to believe that Jesus is the only way back to source, now according to your theory which I do agree with, if we were all part of a whole that fractured, and we want to return to the home, that if everything was made through Jesus (Logos) doesn't that make sense why he was saying I am the Way the Truth and the Life, no one comes to the Father except though me. Kind of like those Russian Dolls that starts out big and little ones pop out of it, but if we want to put it back togther, ie. Go home then we got to jump back inside, like inside of Jesus, Also I find it very intresting that the Star of David is literally imprinted on the universe, Like wouldn that also be a message that THIS is the way to go home.

    1. Hello there. Thank you for your comment. Have you read "Chapter 3. A Simple Model of Memes" yet? The section on Christianity presents the Christian memes, including salvation and baptism. Like you, I also am a follower of Jesus and share the same basic Christian memes. So, while the Simple Explanation philosophy is very ecumenical and all-embracing, this person Cyd is happy to follow the way of Jesus. The churches and their man-made memes is something different altogether.

  7. I have and I get that, but as followers Jesus warned His is The Way the Truth and the Life no one comes to the Father Except through him. If this is the truth then it would follow that through no other Memes can you get back to source because there is also an evil one that mascarades as an angel of light, because as we know this is is hologram and an energy field and the evil one is feeding of the energies, ie people who are trapped here through the fall of man which is described in the bible. Also considering that the fall is true, meaning we used to vibrate on the Father's vibrational frequency and then when we chose to follow the evil one ie the conscious being that chose to choose self which is the opposite of love, the we "fell" as in moved to a lower frequency where the evil one reigned. So now if your God and you have a world free of sin that you live in, how do you lets your kids in without contaminating heaven with thier thoughts which create reality and thereby prevent heaven from becoming hell? Well you incarnate as a human in the flesh to lower your frequency to thiers, died shed his blood, which must have a spirital counterpart that has a power we don't fully understand, which if we choose to belive Jesus and connect our belief to his reality we are able to be in one with Jesus and the Father, so how so can we do this through any other Meme?

    I will read chapter 3 again. But please I would like to here what you think about what I proposed.

    1. Here again, I personally agree with the way you put your belief system in your comment above. I'll bet our meme bundles greatly overlap. Have you read the other chapters posted here at the blog? Click on the next two posted chapters in the Topical Index at the top of the page to find them. It seems to me that if you read the Simple Explanation through, you will see that the gospel is well represented, and a naive reader could easily figure out how to adopt the Christian meme bundle should they desire to, right here within these pages. I think you're getting excited by semantics more than principle, because the Christ principle is known to other faiths, it's just known under different names, and believers in the Christ meme seek it out in different ways. You and I happen to recognize the person of Jesus as the most excellent exemplar of the Metaversal-centered life, and we feel safe nestled deep in that meme. It works for us, and we have seen that it works for others. But I am not able to say that the Christ meme is exclusievly represented in the body of Jesus. I think my vision of the Christ principle may be more glorious than yours, because it includes all the logos of the universe and all of physics. This is a much bigger concept than the singular life of Jesus. Each unit of consciousness must adopt the Christ meme in the best way they know how, and their meme bundles often use diffent terms for things than you. But it doesn't mean they don't have their own shot at salvation/ alignment.

  8. I must agree with you, in that I have never come across someone who sees and expresses their understanding of reality the way I do, when I ramble on about these things people just look at me like I'm crazy or they just don't care. Everything you have just said I have at one time had that Paradigm, and right now am torn between that one and the one I just mentioned, and the constant shifting causes me more stress than I would like, but there are somethings that prevent me from staying in the paradigm above mentioned that I at times share. One NDE's in which the person experienced hell. I didn't use to believe in hell but after studying NDE's as well the fact that a lot of spiritual traditions speak of hell i.e the Tibetan Book of the Dead, the Greeks, ect. Jesus also spoke of this dimension. Ok, so with that said, people say why would a loving God create hell? Ok well we know that within string theory infinite dimensions exist. Earth is one of them, and to varying degrees we see both light and darkness expressed, I have come to see earth as a dimension between heaven and hell. So assuming that there is a Lucifer, a great being that choose to turn love inward, and rebel, apparently there where other conscious beings, i.e fallen angels that bought into this, thus creating darkness which is the absence of light and thoughts which create reality coming now from a source of darkness not just light. So, your God, what do you do to stop the spread of this darkness thus making the whole universe hell? You create a "Space or dimension to quarantine this darkness or source of all things evil. Evil being the perversion of order and love. Also there are areas in which the spiritual traditions differ, Buddism and the four noble truths, they bough into the concept that it is all illusion and thus to be free we must enter a trance like state. Did you know that the great serpent king appeared to Budda? Why in the bible is the Serpent the evil one the father of lies? That this trance like state ,indiffernce to suffering is the answer, that it is created in the mind. But the fruit of this is scary, tell a starving child their suffering is in their mind. Now Jesus was different, he saw injustice and suffering and he did not say "it is all illusion just meditate" he said this is from the evil one and you are his children if you do as he does, so follow me. He said don't think I have come to bring peace to the world, no I have come to bring division. Why would he say that? Division against what? The people who are in this trance which comes from the god of this world, who wants us to stay trapped in this never ending nightmare of reincarnation and hell. I don't see how it can be both if Jesus was who he said he was, and he did see the world and people as either children of God or the Devil. Truly I don't believe that God will leave anyone to burn in hell for eternity and that He is is amazing enough to save all, but we must go to him, so here we are. My father died rejecting all religion as well as my little brother who was tormented by demons who he saw as dead people till, he took his own life, he was heavy into New Age Occult. So I don't take this subject lightly as though I am content to believe whatever I have to just to get into heaven. Who wants' to be in heaven if people you love are burning in hell, yet evidence seems to point to a very real hell. I guess I have come to believe that if you are seeking God even if it takes many life times to find him, at the end of the road Jesus will be standing there. Oh Also ,what do you think about the Star of David being a pattern that is a part of our universe? Doesn't this seems to send the message that the source of the Christian faith was also the creator of the universe, and that God was always telling the Jews to not worship other gods? Why is that if that are the way too? I am not trying to preach, these are the thoughts maybe you can help me settle in myself. Thank-you for your knowledge.

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  10. have very similar ideas about Jesus and the Torus as well. I would be so happy to talk about it with either you Cyd or The Anonymous person above. Just as Anonymous said, people don't really want to hear about Jesus and Science together. I have been making connections my whole life. In 1985 (I was 25), I had a dream the night my mother died and came back to life (cancer). In the dream, my family and I were in a field and were all of a sudden surrounded by some pretty nasty looking spirits. We were so scared. And a strong voice told me to say "I love God" like over and over and over, almost screaming it at me. And so I did, and then I told my brother and sister to say it (screaming it at them)....And we were all saying it over and over, so afraid of these spirits around us... Then, all of a sudden something pulled me from my ankles and flipped me upside down and wooshed me into the sky....and I woke in a panic, crying profusely. That was in the middle of the night. That morning when we visited my mother in her hospital room, the nurses told me she died and came back to life in the middle of the night, at the same time that I awoke from my dream. I now believe that the torus around my body is what was flipped upside down and then pulled to the other side of the Torus Universe to the small hole in the center where Jesus (the Light) resides, or pulled towards a larger Torus maybe belonging to God. Either it was my body doing this or my mother's or both of us, and she came back with me when I awoke or when I was pulled upside down.
    I have other thoughts about all of this but I am a beginner compared to you guys. I really do believe our souls are electrons that simply attach to Jesus' outer shell in heaven. And when his outer shell becomes full, then we will all be together in heaven. We will all be a stable molecule, at one with the Lord, at Peace. Maybe instead of envisioning an outer shell as we do in chemistry...maybe His is more like a grand Toroid shape with outer shells all along his surface just waiting for us to come back home.

  11. I too don't believe that he would let our loved ones suffer in hell. See this verse:
    2 Samuel 14:14
    New King James Version (NKJV)14
    For we will surely die and become like water spilled on the ground, which cannot be gathered up again. Yet God does not take away a life; but He devises means, so that His banished ones are not expelled from Him.

    2 Samuel 14:14
    GOD’S WORD Translation (GW)
    14 We are all going to die; we are all like water that is poured on the ground and can’t be gathered up. But doesn’t God forgive a person? He never plans to keep a banished person in exile.
    That tells me that our spirits are indeed eternal and also are given time to come to Him. I believe this is somehow toroidal in nature as to the way it is accomplished. Possibly reincarnation through the black hole but I dare not say that to pure Christians. I just can't see my Father in law suffering in hell because he had an unfair life and was an aetheist. He was a good man and I truly believe that God understood his pain.

    Sometimes I wonder if that one verse:
    Matthew 16:28
    English Standard Version (ESV)
    28 Truly, I say to you, there are some standing here who will not taste death until they see the Son of Man coming in his kingdom.” for people like my father in law who are placed in a “holding state” somewhere on the Torus until God reveals his Kingdom to him. … kind of like God is showing him mercy and giving him a chance to see Him before he actually dies. Just speculating of course, but I truly believe God is love and that Love is expressed though that photon of Light energy that runs through the center of the Torus when the hole gets smaller (when our universe flips to the other side of the Torus and directs itself toward the center again (the Light… which I believe to be Jesus).
    2 Peter 3:9 ESV / 3 helpful votes
    The Lord is not slow to fulfill his promise as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance.
    I would also like to add that when my father was dying, there were always these volunteers rubbing his feet and comforting him. These volunteers were humble poor people. Many of them were disabled or could barely walk. I asked the nurses why people would want to volunteer in the terminal unit with all this death around them. One nurse told me that they all witness the heavens opening up and God’s Love pouring in… every night… and it’s awesome. It makes me wonder if we are just individual Torus’s inside of one big one that is ultimately God, and we naturally fit into our slots on His Torus when He comes to get us.
    John 14:23 ESV
    Jesus answered him, “If anyone loves me, he will keep my word, and my Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him.

    I also believe that the Word in the beginning was the Photon Light (Jesus) that sprung from nothingness and formed the Torus. See this verse;

    John 1:1-51 ESV / 2 helpful votes
    In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through him, and without him was not any thing made that was made. In him was life, and the life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. ...

  12. Hi Lisa. Good to hear from you.
    If you try on my Simple Explanation of things, then the very substance of each of our souls is consciousness itself. There is only one consciousness, and we each experience life from our own point of view within that consciousness. There's no condemnation for eternity because consciousness will resolve itself sooner or later into the original universal consciousness, at which time we've "reunited with Christ in Heaven". What Hell is, is separation from Christ, aka separation from reuniting with Blissful original consciousness. I don't think Christ cares whether you call Him Jesus, George, or Josephine--what is a name? The angel told Mary and Joseph to call Him "Emmanuel" meaning "God is With Us." That is the true meaning of His Name.
    It is our worldly meme bundles that separate us from each other and from God, or Bliss. When you die, you temporarily lay aside your meme bundle. If your meme bundle has lead you back to originating consciousness, whatever you call It, then you are freed from the world and can stay reunited. If your meme bundle has lead you to any erroneous conclusions, then you will not be prepared to stay dead and you'll have to come back until your meme bundle is at peace.

    There, how does that sound, Lisa?

  13. As far as Matthew 16:28, you can think of every single life as a microcosm of the Life of Man. So, Jesus looked out at the crowd and rightly predicted that there were some in the crowd who would not die without enlightenment, because Jesus was standing right there looking at them and He could tell they were already holding the memes that allow for Salvation.
    I take the verse to be applied to each lifetime, birth to death, not to a singular end-times event.

  14. Thank you Cyd so much for writing me. I will study this all in the next few weeks. I wanted to tell you that your picture could be me. You have the same facial features that I do. We could be sisters. I am pretty blown away by that. I will try and get a pic of me when I looked more like your pic and send it to you somehow. I wonder if we could be soul sistas. Haha.

    Anyway, I have been trying to learn more about quantum physics and how it relates to all this, and I do keep seeing the word consciousness popping up. So I need to study that more. Thank you so much for sparking my mind in this direction.

  15. what caused the big bang?, what caused for consciousness to produce that first thought? consciousness is sitting around and it just produces a thought and organized UC...nobody ever cares to explain why this happend

  16. greetings, yordanka.
    Great question. I could ask you the same question: When you are sitting still and quiet, what causes a random thought to suddenly pop into your head?
    Perhaps it is the same with the ground state of consciousness. Once in a while, a bubble of thought pops up and is immediately encased within its own, private, fractal space. Mathematicians who work on multi-verse string theory would recognize the metaverse described here.
    It's possible that these other universes pop up with regularity and its the job of the metaverse, like any good meditator, to ignore the stimuli and remain unperturbed.
    If we consider the implications of our fractal, conscious universe, then units of consciousness replicate up and down all material levels--particles, atoms, cells, organisms, and so on. I imagine that every consciousness, from the smallest to the largest, has random perturbations of consciousness. The metaverse is no different in kind, it is only different in vastness.
    What do you think?