Monday, November 7, 2011

Tao te Ching -- Verse 53

The Tao Te Ching, or Book of the Way, is an ancient Chinese collection of 81 wisdom verses. In the "Simple Explanation” model, the Tao spoken of by Lao Tzu refers to the metaversal information and principles of organization that have informed our universe since the moment before creation; also known as the Universal Unit of Consciousness. Non-being refers to clearing your personal UC of earthly memes and karma. Non-action refers to allowing the original universal UC to direct your personal UC for the greater good. Here is the 53rd verse of the Tao Te Ching, which I have translated directly into Simple Explanation terminology from Jonathan Star's verbatim translation.

Staying centered near the vortex maintains alignment with the metaverse...
Verse 53
If those in charge possessed even the smallest bit of understanding,
they would follow nothing but the great metaversal way and dread straying from its main path.

The great metaversal path is very easy to travel, yet those in charge prefer taking side roads.

The seat of government is excessively well cared for, while the nation's fields are overgrown with weeds and the storehouses are all but empty.

Clothed in gorgeous garments, sporting the finest gadgets, gorging themselves with food and drink--bursting at the seams with more possessions than they could possibly use--this is recognized for what it is: the boasting of thieves.

This is the opposite of the metaversal path! Really!

The Simple Explanation of verse 53 is that those in charge would make better decisions if they leaned not on their own self-serving understanding, but followed the principles of metaversal organization. This is expressed metaphorically as "staying centered" on the path. Using the torus as a visual model of staying centered looks like this:
The Simple Explanation's torus model showing the (white) line of metaversal information running through the zero-point center of here and now. This pole transmits the perfect choice for any given moment.
Not centering decisions within the metaversal plan leads to egoic decision-making, which is referred to as taking side paths. Self-centered decisions made by government officials, by definition, puts their interests above those in their care. This is because when we stray from the central path of wisdom, our choices are dictated by personal karma and memes rather than the greater good.
If the job of every unit of consciousness (UC) is to reach out to others with love, help, and information, that goes doubly for those sitting atop the hierarchical pile. The very reason for government is the care and feeding of those governed. For those in charge to ignore their "Heavenly Mandate" in favor of feathering their own nests is an abuse of power. Such abuse may prosper for a time but it cannot be maintained, as it goes against the metaversal plan.

Verse 53 says that the extravagent excesses indulged in by those in power comes at the expense of the greater populace. Lao Tzu likened such extravagence at the expense of others to "the boasting of thieves." He ends the verse with two exclamations to drive home the point! Really!

Readers of the Simple Explantion may realize by now that verse 53 not only refers to human society, but applies equally well to all other units of consciousness, be they sub-atomic particles, cells, or what-have-you. One of my favorite blog articles describing the hierarchical nature of the universe is "My Self, the Governor of Whoville." Once you see yourself as one who governs others, you will be closer to understanding how verse 53 applies to your life and your decision-making.


  1. Imagine a country that was "raised" on the Tao te Ching. The values, the aims, would have made adults very different from our reality.