Saturday, December 29, 2012

Simple Explanation Book Sample Pages Preview

Here are a few sample pages from inside the Simple Explanation book so you can see what it is like. The book's format and illustrations make the philosophy and concepts very clear. Better yet, now you can click on a 14 page preview that covers all the chapters right over there at the top of the column to the right. 

Here is what the table of contents looks like for the Simple Explanation book:

Here's an inside page so you can see how nicely it's all laid out.

I'm still working on formating the ebook version, which will cost $4.95. The ebook won't have these nice looking page layouts because of the scrolling nature of the ebook. For the above experience, print is the way to go.

The paperback version you see above costs $32 because of the expense of color printing. But, if you have the money, $32 is a small price to pay for the Simple Explanation content. Please consider buying one for yourself and as a gift for a friend. I bet you can think of someone who would love this book!

To see a preview of each chapter's starting pages, please visit my book's storefront by clicking here: Simple Explanation book.

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