Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Simple Explanation of Star-Shaped Gravity Waves

French physicists have captured images of gravity waves in the shape of toruses, stars, and pentagons, formed by vibrating shallow tanks of silicon oil up and down.

Researcher Jean Rajchjenbach, in an interview with LiveScience, expressed puzzlement over the findings:

"It is generally accepted that the shape of the waves depends on the container shape. The fact that the pattern shape is here recovered independently of the container shape is surprising, mysterious and stimulating. We have no clear explanation. . . . This finding just emphasizes that the domain of highly nonlinear waves is still 'terra incognita,' or unknown territory."

The Simple Explanation of these unexpected shapes in gravity waves is that they are associated with toroidal forces acting upon the 3-D space represented by the silicon oil. In other words, the shape is independent of the container because the container holding the silicon oil is not the container generating the gravity wave--the torus associated with the space is. The Simple Explanation proposes that gravity waves are generated on the outer and inner membrane of toruses. 

At the micro scale, aggregates pull objects toward the outside of their toroidal membranes to make larger aggregates. At the macro scale, space is pushed outward by dark energy emitters at the zero point of each toroidal vortex. Matter drifts outward to reunite with the gravitational pull generated by  the inside of the fractal surface of the universal toroidal membrane.

What I find interesting is that the experimental set-up  itself seems to have created an occasion for viewing toroidal forces moving into and out of our 3-D space. When you watch the video you can see a number of transitory tori dancing in complex patterns within a larger torus, and changing into the various stars and pentagons.

Ancient cosmologies speak of elemental harmonics of resonance culminating in five basic motions. "These five patterns of vibration are at the core of the sciences of the ancients," (Burger, Esoteric Anatomy). "They are the fundamental resonances that are the inner vibrational basis of all phenomena." Burger writes that "all vibration is entrained, through sympathetic vibration, with the resonance of these universal fields of force."

Hmmm. I would be surprised if the gravity waves weren't toroidal! So for the scientists among you who would like proof of these outrageous claims, the Simple Explanation cosmology predicts there is an extremely large dark energy emitter at the center of our physical universe. Astronomers are close to proving that already. The Simple Explanation predicts we will also discover an enveloping gravitational curve at the farthest reaches of our universe, a kind of reciprocal force to the central energy emitter. The Simple Explanation cosmology also implies minute localizations of dark energy emitters balanced by gravitational membranes in the shape of tori associated with all material accretions, similar to the electromagnetic tori already observed surrounding planets, stars, and galaxies.

Rajchenbach and his colleagues Didier Clamond and Alphonse Leroux of the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis in France, detailed their findings in a paper accepted by the journal Physical Review Letters on Feb. 1. Reported by: Charles Choi, LiveScience Contributor, Published: 02/22/2013 11:11 AM EST on LiveScience

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