Monday, April 15, 2013

Radio Appearance on Progressive Parenting, 4/16/13

Greetings, Friends.

I was the guest on a call-in internet radio program called Progressive Parenting on Tuesday, April 16. Please listen in on this very interesting discussion regarding midwifery, homebirth, and the broader meaning of "pro-choice".

Here is the link to the radio program, "Progressive Parenting"

Please listen in and pass this article around to your friends. Let's start a discussion!



Here I am, second from the left, sitting with a panel of attorneys all representing midwives on trial for the oxymoronic charge of practicing medicine without a license, and criminal charges ranging from homicide to quackery.
We were convened by Human Rights in Childbirth to discuss "The Persecution of Midwives as a Human Rights Issue". I presented my research and rhetorical defense strategies.
photo by Patti Ramos Photography