Monday, December 9, 2013

NASA Illustrates Galactic Plane in Super Massive Black Hole--It's a Torus!

Credit: NASA/CXC/M.Weiss
The Simple Explanation cosmological theory hypothesizes that there is a torus shape associated with all material forms in our universe. Comparing my chalk drawing below with NASA's illustration above shows that the galactic plane sitting inside a super massive black hole is the same location as the horizontal plane that bisects a torus.

Torus pole runs up and down the funnels, torus plane cuts the torus in two horizontally.
Chalk drawing by Cyd Ropp
Conventional astronomy readily identifies black holes as vortices. The Simple Explanation theory further proposes that these black hole vortices are simply the funnels of toruses scattered throughout the universe. Wherever black hole vortices are identified, it is easy enough to imagine that there is also an associated torus that is not necessarily seen.

Here's another NASA illustration of a black hole. You can see they are imagining the torus. See how the torus looks like the torus in the chalk drawing above?

In the following illustration and its accompanying description, NASA mentions the associated torus of dust.
Chandra X-Ray Observatory provided this composite X-ray (blue and green) and optical (red) image of the active galaxy NGC 1068 showing gas blowing away in a high-speed wind from the vicinity of a central supermassive black hole. Regions of intense star formation in the inner spiral arms of the galaxy are highlighted by both optical and x-ray emissions. A doughnut shaped cloud of cool gas and dust surrounding the black hole, known as the torus, appears as the elongated white spot . It has a mass of about 5 million suns and is estimated to extend from within a few light years of the black hole out to about 300 light years.

NASA Identifier: MSFC-0301628  Read more:

The difference between the way science currently thinks of these toruses and the way I think of them is this: astronomers think the torus is a by-product of the black holes, whereas I think the black hole vortices are the funnels of the torus shape. It's a cart-before-the-horse situation. A "which came first, the chicken or the egg?" situation. In other words, I am suggesting the dust clouds, the galactic planes, and the black holes vortices are really associated with the torus, which is the primordial shape. The black hole is the center of the torus. The vortices are the torus funnels. The galactic plane is the toroidal plane, and that is precisely why the matter accumulates there.
Do you see what I'm saying?

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