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A Simple Explanation of Seth and the Responsibility Assumption Doctrine

In 1963, American psychic Jane Roberts began dictating a series of seance sessions to her husband that continued until her death in 1984. Roberts believed she was “channeling” a dis-incorporated spirit from another dimension, known as Seth.The resulting dictated manuscripts are known as the Seth Material. According to Wikipedia, the Seth Material forms one of the cornerstones of modern “New Age” philosophy, and all New Age philosophers promote one or another of Seth’s declarations.

I admit to not having read any of the Seth Material prior to preparing for this blog article. Furthermore, I can safely state that the Simple Explanation is NOT derivative in any sense from New Age materials of any sort. My own flavor of the Christian meme bundle forbids dabbling in the New Age. The Simple Explanation is solely derived from original source ancient manuscripts such as the Bible and the Tao te Ching, up-to-the-minute scientific discoveries, and whatever academic studies a bachelor’s in science, two master’s degrees, and a doctorate in philosophy have exposed me to.

So, here’s what a fresh reading of the Seth Material shows me. From Wikipedia:
The Seth Material says that all individuals create their own circumstances and experiences within the shared earthly environment, similar to the doctrine of responsibility assumption. This concept is expressed in the phrase "you create your own reality",[20] which may have originated with the Seth readings. The inner self, or inner ego, is responsible for the construction and maintenance of the individual's physical body and immediate physical environment, and the unfolding of events is determined by the expectations, attitudes and beliefs of the outer ego, that portion of the self that human beings know as themselves.[18] "If you want to change your world, you must first change your thoughts, expectations, and beliefs."[27] Or, more succinctly: "You get what you concentrate upon. There is no other main rule"[28]
The Seth Material claims that there is no objective reality that is not a projection of the individual’s mind. The tree you see is literally projected from your mind’s eye; it is not the tree being received into your eye’s sensors but the other way around. You don't "hear" the thunder; your audio nerves make the thunder:

Nerve impulses travel outward from the body, along invisible pathways, in much the same manner that they travel within the body. These pathways are carriers of telepathic thoughts, impulses, and desires containing all the codified data necessary for translating any thought or image into physical actuality, altering seemingly objective events.

This telepathy operates constantly at an "automatic" or subconscious level, providing communication to back up sensory data. Telepathy is the glue that holds the physical universe in position, so that you can agree on the existence and properties of objects. In one respect, your body and all physical objects go flying out in all directions from the inner core of the whole self. The physical environment is, therefore, as much a part of you as your own body. What seems to be a perception, an objective concrete event independent from you, is instead the materialization of your own emotions, energy and mental environment. (

The natural outgrowth of this philosphy is the doctrine of Responsibility Assumption. This sense of responsibility goes far beyond the usual meaning of personal responsibility. In this Seth doctrine:

You must watch the pictures that you paint with your imagination... ...your environment and the conditions of your life at any given time are the direct result of your own inner expectations. You form physical materializations of these realities within your own mind.

If you imagine dire circumstances, ill health, or desperate loneliness, these will be automatically materialized, for these thoughts themselves bring about the conditions that will give them reality in physical terms. If you would have good health, then you must imagine this as vividly as in fear you imagine the opposite.

You create your own difficulties. This is true for each individual. The inner psychological state is projected outward, gaining physical reality - and this regardless of the nature of the psychological state....The rules apply to everyone. You can use them for your own benefit and change your own conditions once you realize what they are. 

This doctrine forms the foundation for the popular New Age book, A Course in Miracles. But I usually see people interpret Responsibility Assumption in a way not intended by Seth. For, according to the Seth Material, you not only create the positive and negative opportunities in your life, there really is no life beyond your imagination. The Seth Material likens reality to one’s dreams. We all accept that the objects and people in our dreams are constructions and projections of our mind, playing out in the theatre of sleep. Seth said reality is exactly the same—nothing but a projection of our senses onto a nothingness, giving us the illusion of material existance.
In contrast, the Simple Explanation theory posits a universal medium of consciousness as the ether within which our physical manifestation floats. In my theory, there is aphysical reality we all share, arising directly from the universal mind, which I call the Universal Unit of Consciousness. So in that sense, matter is a projection of mind, but the BIG MIND we all share, thus we can also share a consensual reality. It seems to me that  if one took Seth precisely, people would be totally isolated in their private material universes, with others being projections of themselves rather than stand-alone entities. Sounds lonely.

The Simple Explanation says that each Unit of Consciousness is an emergent property of the newly formed matter or aggregation of matter. Each UC is a fractal chip off the Universal UC’s block, with all possible consciousness inherent thereto. Each UC carries the formula of the universe, but it only manifests the piece of the formula important to this particular life of which it is a part. So theoretically a sub-atomic particle does indeed carry the DNA for Jill Smith in New York, but it only manifests the quark pattern of spin up or spin down. The formula’s manifestation is not mindful—i.e. even humans with all their capacity for human thought do not control autonomic processes of their organism. The organs do their jobs without any oversight from my Egoic thought. The quark just naturally manifests the appropriate action needed to spin up or spin down. It doesn’t think about it, so a brain is irrelevant to the equation.
Here’s how the Seth Material puts it:

The inner self has a virtually infinite reservoir from which to draw knowledge and experience. All kinds of choices are available, and the diversity of physical matter is a reflection of this deep source and variety.  

On that, we agree. But where Seth uses the vessel of human consciousness as the Creator, the Simple Explanation spreads that infinite reservoir of knowledge out to the entirety of Creation. Creation could, indeed, be called a projection of consciousness, but the Simple Explanation attributes the act of Creating to Everything created, not just to human minds. And each created thing is creator of only its personal domain, not Everything Else. I am in charge of making decisions related to my own human life only; each other entity is in charge of making decisions related to its own life, whether it’s a quark, a photon, a molecule, a cell, or a dog. It’s a complex web of interrelated material projections at every possible level of aggregation. Entities are occasionally given the opportunity to prove they carry more information than their original manifestation needed, such as when a stem cell is prodded into becoming a different sort of cell, or an annihilated particle becomes other things.
Consciousness is not a by-product of the brain. Consciousness is the ground state of being. Maybe this short youtube video will help your understanding. 

Thought is something else entirely. Ruminative thinking is a by-product of the Ego. And the Ego is a by-product of the physical aggregation of the matter that makes up anything. A rock does not have much of an Ego, because its aggregation of minerals doesn’t need to do much thinking. Life is not defined by thought. If it were, then micro-cephalic humans or people in comas wouldn’t qualify as alive.
So, when people call objects “living,” they are generally referring to the attributes of carbon-based life forms. And all of those life forms exhibit what could be called thought, albeit tiny, highly-constrained thoughts in the simplest single-celled entities. The more complex the carbon-based aggregate is, the greater its need for independent decision-making, and the greater its capacity for “thought.” Still though, the thoughts are not really necessary for survival. The bacteria doesn’t have to think, “boy, i’m really hungry!” It only has to acquire nutrition at the earliest opportunity, and it can do that with blindfolds on.

When you think about it, our human lives proceed largely on autopilot. You have the autonomic functions of our organism going on outside of thinking (breathing, food acquisition, waste elimination, etc.); you also have most of life’s daily cultural routines going on without much thought. Do you  consciously savor each bite of your food or how to cut with a knife? Do you have to decide to brush your teeth or how to take a bath? Do you pay attention to each action of your driving? ...hands on the wheel at 10 and 2, now turn 42 degrees left, now straighten the wheel, now step on the gas pedal slowly, increasing pressure....  No. You just drive and maybe chat with your passenger or listen to the radio, and expect that simple consciousness and the body will take care of the details until thought is needed.
The Simple Explanation of the Seth Material is that these represent a particular meme bundle “channeled” from the transpersonal field. The author, Jane Roberts, believed the Seth entity existed independently of her personal mind. The Simple Exlanation is that Seth could represent a discorporate Ego attached to this particular collection of memes, “living” on the non-material plane. The meme bundle exists separately from Seth, but the Seth personality is all about that bundle.
Having said that, it is my personal belief that just because an entity exists in a different plane doesn’t make everything they say correct. They could be less deluded than I am, or they could be more deluded. Discorporation does not necessarily equal truth or wisdom. It depends on the entity involved,  just as it does here on the material plane. Yes, the enlightened few may be less deluded after or between lives. But some Egos cling to their meme bundles, right or wrong, even after death. Personally, I think Seth got a lot of things right, but it also misses the mark on the subject of consensual reality. This is why "magic" is so hard to make happen--there are other variables out there in this reality we all share above and beyond my  personal will and wanting. I am not, after all, The Creator of the entire Universe. I'm just a co-creator, along with everybody and everything else. That is why we all have to pull together to help the entire ecology of which we are a part. We can't just sit and wish.

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