Saturday, January 11, 2014

Nested Rainbow Slinky Torus

Wow. Here's a pretty torus sculpture Gary and I just created.
Nested rainbow Slinky torus
Step one involves bending the Slinky around into a torus and securing the torus with a plastic connector. Figured that part out about a year ago.

This morning we took three different-sized Slinky's and stacked them.
Sorry this is sideways--can't get the darned picture to stay flipped!
Then we pushed the top two Slinky's down into the large rainbow-colored Slinky. Voila! Triple nested Slinky torus!
Nested Slinky torus sculpture by Cyd and Gary Ropp
There is a third Slinky nested inside the center. From the top it looks very much like a flower.

Here's a very cool one-minute video that shows all three Slinky's.

You would think that the Slinky toruses would have a difficult time nesting into each other, but the opposite is the case. It threaded itself perfectly as it clicked easily into place. You try it!
Three nested slinky's from the top.
I put the camera up against the outside Slinky and it looks like you're inside a giant torus! Magical!


  1. I love it!! It does sound easier to make than I thought it would be. I'll have to try it sometime. :-)

  2. Nested slinkies are a good example of a fractal torus!

  3. Okay. Here's another cool thing. I just picked up the nested tori and the small ones dropped right through the rainbow slinky. Very cool how these slinkys pass through each other without interference. I'd expect the small ones to get caught up in the larger slinky's wires. Also, the smallest slinky passed through the middle-sized slinky without interference as well, so it's a phenomenon not associated with a particular ratio.