Monday, August 25, 2014

Simple Explanation Videos

I was just noticing that there are a lot of Simple Explanation videos over at youtube that don't show up here on the blog's index. So, let me pull some of them into this one article for you, so you can jump into them more easily.

Here's the longest and most comprehensive video. It's called "A Simple Fractal Model of the Conscious Universe." The talk takes 10 minutes, with 10 minutes of questions and answers.

This next video is a short parable I call the Miracle of the Spinach Leaf.

Whenever I walk in the woods with my dogs, I am happy to observe the way the trees grow. Consequently, I've recorded a series of videos that are parables/metaphors for human lives, as seen in the growth patterns of trees.

Here's episode 1:

Episode 2 of Life of Trees--another parable from trees about life course corrections.

Here's another short video talking from the Lessons of Trees series about a madrone tree's early life giving strength for later struggle and growth.

This next video is about how watching a waterfall reminds me of the way that material instantiates into our universe out of the zero point field.

The next video is about how my kitchen blender is another great metaphor for material instantiation, but this time with a focus on the vortex that falls into the singularity at the center.

Lastly, here's a little cooking demonstration that lasts about twelve minutes.
This isn't about the Simple Explanation in particular, but it was during this fruit salad preparation process that the Simple Explanation occurred to me.

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