Thursday, December 4, 2014

Process Notes: Cyd's Psychic Test Results and Upcoming Book Talk

I'm giving my first San Diego-area book talk on Saturday, January 24th, 1 PM. It will be at a place called Kindred Journeys, at 510 North Coast Highway, in Oceanside, California. Come on out and bring your friends!
Meanwhile, I was poking around Kindred Journey's website and came across this Free Psychic Test. I guess I passed. Here are the results:
cyd's Result: Shaman / Healer / Empathic
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You are a natural healer. The Shamanic path is a connection to nature and the spirit energy of the universe. The Intuit sense to connect all to space and time while being grounded is the Shaman healers greatest gift. The Shaman knows how to use the universal energy links for healing and vision while remaining balanced and in tune to Mother Earth. If you have the Shamanic gift you can increase it by exploring animal totems and their spiritual lineage to all that exist. You may even want to pursue the holistic healing path connecting mind, body and soul to the benefits of natures remedies such as herbs, oils, toning and meditations
The Empathic person will have the ability to feel and sense knowledge through an energy exchange. You may even see colors in a person's Aura or be able to pick up their moods and thoughts while standing near them. This gift can be a benefit by bringing wisdom and energy to you, but this gift can also absorb other peoples problems and negative emotions. The Empathic person must constantly cut etheric cords of energy in order to remain grounded and balance their own spiritual being. One way is to understand energy healing and touch. A great avenue for this gift would be as a healer or spiritual counselor. You can gain knowledge in this area by studying holistic medicine.
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Here I am with my two favorite animal totems--my very own fu-dogs, Franny and Zoey. With husband, Gary.