Sunday, December 7, 2014

Some Beautifully Rotating Tori from the Web

One of the blog's readers shared these lovely images with us. Thanks, Tony!
The rotating torus gif above closely resembles the torus I see in my mind. This is the flow direction indicated by my drawings. Up over the equator and down into the singularity from the top. Looking through the middle, you can see the energetic center point (what I call "ananda-joy") exploding outward onto the skin to roll back around again. In my Simple Explanation model, some of the force explosion is also diverted into the torus's interior, creating ordinary matter.  Looking at the flow, you can see how the information coming in from the top is all "potential" while the energy exploding out the bottom is "history." The center point is "here and now" aka "observation."
The above inside view of the torus is interesting to me because I haven't thought of the energy spirals as riding up horizontally like that. In my diagrams, the energy always comes up the sides in straight lines or lazy spirals, the same way patterns wrap around fruitOne thing I really like about this view is that we are standing "inside" the torus, looking from one wall over toward the other wall. In my writing, I call this area the "chewy blue middle."
Here we see the straight lines of historical information emerge from the bottom and wrap around to the top to reposition themselves as potential for the next go-around.   The page where this gif came from has several beautiful tori gifs, if you want to go and see more. 

Thanks again, Tony!

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