Sunday, January 25, 2015

Simple Explanation Videos -- 40 minutes sure to shift your paradigm

The talk at Kindred Journeys went very well. The little room was full. The energy was high. My friends brought friends and there were people there who came because of an online events posting in The Reader. Karyl videotaped the talk, and here are the links below. Sold a couple of books and a couple of the new audio books, too. I had been wondering whether or not people would understand what I was saying, but they all tracked very well. There were many props used as illustrations--broccoli for fractals; a mandarin orange, a little pumpkin, and the slinky for toroids; and too many posters with too much writing on them for the other concepts. My brother, Billy, introduced me, and then he came away with several new hypnosis clients afterwards, on top of it. The amazing thing is that I was able to explain the entire Simple Explanation of Absolutely Everything in about 50 minutes. Talk about a challenge!
Here's the first 44 minutes of footage from the talk, before the video cut out. This is raw footage, unedited. We'll do a better job next time. Meanwhile, enjoy the videos! Please pass this along to your friends, too.

Below you can see the posters in close-up; be sure to watch the videos for a detailed explanation.
The Simple Explanation philosophy can be boiled down to four basic concepts. These concepts are fully explained in the book, "A Simple Explanation of Absolutely Everything," by Cyd Ropp, Ph.D.

This Simple Golden Rule sums up all world religions and ethical systems. It applies equally to all units of consciousness throughout the universe, from sub-atomic particles up through "sentient" creatures and beyond. Whether you are a human, a skin cell, or a solar system, it is your job to reach out to others with love, aid, and information for the betterment of all. This makes all units of consciousness "happy." Joining with others in a common goal also happens to fractally level up to the next hierarchical jump. (atoms to molecules, cells to organs, people to society, etc,)

The Simple Explanation of Absolutely Everything identifies this torus as the primordial fractal of our universe.

Zero-point emitter at the center of our universe, pushing out space, matter, and time into this dimension. The inward-poking pressure wraps over the lip and falls into the vortex leading to the singularity, compressing potential that inverses and explodes outward into our 3-D universe as manifestation.

The arrow of time flows from uncollapsed potential, through here and now, and emerges as history. i.e. "karma"

There are countless units of consciousness inside this skin of mine, making up "me."

Nested Hierarchies--the bottom triangle represents a single organism; the top triangle shows how it fractally nests into the hierarchy above.


  1. Hi Cyd,

    I came to your blog after watching this video :

    I'll see the video of your article soon. I read "primordial fractal", "metaverse" in the pics above ... I think you must have a look at this interview : Chris wrote a very complicated "theory of everything", that I have understood something like 25% .. I also forgot what I learned ;-)


    1. Welcome, Tony! I think you'll understand most of the videos here. Let me know what you think.

  2. HI Cyd,

    I just finished watching both videos. After that, I understood the pics below the videos much better (the bonding of skin cells, as well as bonding of humans, all in fractals ... where the highest shape is a torus, repeating itself timelessly ... black holes giving birth to white holes aka bigbang).

    I'll take time to ponder over this. I'll certainly watch the videos and read some of your key-articles a second time. I'll take all this to heart with my own concepts and if I have time, give you a feedback.

    At one time, I thought about Marko's videos 27/44 to 31/44 : ... Just have a look. He has done it 7 or 8 years ago. Try to contact him by email or ... Both of you can find something interesting if you join forces ;-)

    I'd like to share with you a comment I made on one of my favorite blogs : ... How I can relate what I think about the eye, the ego, the consciousness with what you say ? That's the homework for me this weekend.

    Nice videos and pics,

  3. Hi Tony. Visited the Exploring Dreamstate blog you recommended. Yes, this is all compatible, because the Simple Explanation is a reapproach to classical yoga, which is what Zee is writing about. The lies he refers to are what I am calling memes. The soul underneath the lies, the One that already is the Truth, is what I am calling the governing UC, or unit of consciousness, attached to you. Your UC is a perfect fractal of the Universal Unit of Consciousness, which is itself a perfect iteration of the Great I AM. The enlightenment Zee refers to is letting all the memes go, along with the body attachment, and realizing YOU ARE I AM. This state of being in phase with the Great I AM (what I call the Metaverse/Universal UC) is transitory, as we go in and out of phase depending upon our state of attachments and beliefs. An Enlightened Master can hold that state of Unity with One always, as they go about their daily business. Most of us mortals can only glimpse the One during meditation or prayer or other transcendent experiences. Transcendent--transcending meme attachment.

  4. p.s. Buy my Simple Explanation book. It explains all of this in exquisite detail.


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