Sunday, March 1, 2015

Beautiful Iceberg

Had to repost this incredible photo in case you haven't seen it. 
Here's the link to the photographer's website.

Roughly 90 percent of an iceberg’s volume hides beneath the waves. But every so often an iceberg’s underbelly makes an appearance above the waterline.
Filmmaker Alex Cornell photographed this recently overturned iceberg jutting about 9 meters skyward in Cierva Cove, Antarctica, in December. It’s a rare sight, says oceanographer Louise Biddle of the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England. Over time accumulating snow and debris whiten exposed ice, so Biddle suspects this iceberg had flipped at most a few days earlier. An iceberg can flip shortly after snapping off its parent glacier, she says, or when uneven melting causes the berg to shift its balance like a sailboat with a broken mast.
The newly exposed ice probably originated deep within the glacier, where high pressures squeeze out tiny air bubbles that scatter white light. Bubble-free ice absorbs red and yellow light while reflecting blue light, giving the upturned iceberg its spectacular color.
Despite their beauty, icebergs can be dangerous when they roll over. Biddle says research vessels and tourist ships steer clear of large bergs, fearing huge splashes and capsize-inducing waves in the event of a flip.


  1. Hello Cyd

    I have a question about your torus model of time. The model shows the past feeds back into the future (Karma) and thus into our present in a loop, well my question is, relative to us how long do you think this precess takes to make one loop, as in I do something bad today, how long does it take for karma to kick my butt? LOL

    Is it daily, weekly or maybe at different times in our lives like puberty, child bearing years, middle age as in stuff I did as a teen came back on me in my twenties and stuff I did in my twenties came back in middle age. Seems like this feedback loop gets faster as we grow older.


  2. Hi Dave. So good to hear from you! Good question about the karmic loops. It seems to me that every loop progresses at its own pace. Everything "in its own time." So, these karmic loops are all doing their own thing and reentering the future potential as appropriate. Every single thing is a looping process, so every single thing has its own karmic loop that proceeds at its own appropriate pace.

    This makes sense, because these loops don't only apply to humans, but to every thing in the universe. So you can imagine that an atom's karmic consequence and potential would probably be much quicker than a human's. And just think how slowly massively large systems loop. Think of a comet, for example, playing out the consequence of its gravitational path ever so slowly.

    I like your observation about loops going quicker as you age. Do you think it's because each year is an ever-diminishing fraction of your life? When you were 5-years-old, it took 20% of your lifespan for your birthday to come around. Now it only takes 1.6% of your lifespan for the year to pass. What do you think?

  3. I guess "What comes around, goes around" has to do with the illusion of time, which many theories say doesn't exist.

    I think you nailed it, on your answer to loops seeming to go faster as we age.

    Thank you so much for simplifying your model so that even a golden retriever can understand it. I tried explaining this stuff to family and friends and they roll their eyes and think I should be medicated.

    Are you familiar with the work of these men:

    Itzhak Bentov
    Marko Rodin
    Stan Tenen

    I think they are on the same path as you, but we men seem to complicate things as you will see in their work Lol


    1. Hi Dave. Good to hear from you again. I credit Bentov in the preface to my Simple Explanation book for giving me the gift of toroids back in 1980. I've seen Rodin's numerology tricks; not sure if there's more to it than that--you know you can do some pretty amazing tricks with numbers and patterns... Don't know Stan Tenen.
      I hope you consider buying my books, which you can do from this website. The good thing about the book is that the entire theory is presented so logically, that anyone with ears to hear can get it, I think you could easily share it with your family, friends, and golden retriever.
      The book available now is in color and so it's expensive--$30. I"m just finishing up a black and white edition that will sell for half that amount. Should be available in a month or so.

  4. Hi Cyd,

    I started a new job in February. I'm quite busy ... Sometimes during commute I think about the beauty of trees and upon your blog. I was trying to see if trees are a representation of mother earth ... The earth is a magnet with south pole & north pole, and it rotates on itself. Similarly, a tree - sometimes - looks like
    with branches appearing after every 137.5°

    So, I'm asking myself if trees which come from earth are similar in shape (roots under and branches above, separated by a straight trunk, the overall figure looking like magnet-fillings). The branches which seem to pop up every 137.5° ... as the tree is rotating on itself all the while growing upwards.

    And then, I think may be there's lot of variety in nature (for example cactus trees) and there may not be a 1-size-fits-all overall, unified theory ... But a variety of truths or paradigms which are "crystallized", "solidified" in several forms.

    The toroid shape for example appears in lot of nature's fabrics : oranges, pumpkins, apples, ... even trees as one of your articles shows it ... But does this shape explain EVERY thing ? If so, why haven't a genius like Leonardo Da Vinci, Newton or Einstein haven't discovered it ... And why, actually, even after publication of your theory, it's not well-known ? (Ab absurdo reasoning : if A is true, then B must be true and C must be true, but ...).

    Perelman prooved that a sphere is the most commonly happening form in a four-dimensional space. So, here, we have a sphere (earth, sun, moon are almost spheres + distortion due to forces like gravity and some other forces) which appears to be the most generic pattern in universe.

    I should also admit that "Sphere + gravity + electromagnetic forces + ..." all these combined may give birth to toroid-like shapes and then your view may be more exact (even very few pondered on your thoughts). Anyway, your blog is very interesting. Keep it up !


    1. Forgot to ask about your new job--how's it going? What are you doing and how far do you commute while pondering cosmology?

  5. HI Tony. I really like what you have shared about the shapes of trees being solidified forms. I also tend to think of the trees as the classic fractal shaped branching structure bent and diverted by the tree's encounters with life. A very cool thing about trees is that you can see for yourself the visual record of just about everything they've encountered. Karma on display.

    I'm reading a book now that was first published in 1987, called "Chaos" by James Gleick. It's about the rise of fractal math and chaos theory. Gleick shows how fractal analysis was dependent upon the invention of the computer because the math is so complicated it requires more than paper and pencil. That prior to the computer, scientists were stuck at the ordinary macro level of observation and analysis and the old-type tools of calipers and rulers, and the physical limits of magnifying lenses and telescopes. The patterns that emerge in chaos theory and fractal analysis take so much computing power they couldn't even be seen/imagined before. Or only the rare person could intuit the fractal patterns but had no way of proving them.
    Along the same lines, not sure Da Vinci, Newton, or Einstein noticed the hidden but pervasive fractal dimensions. I do like Da Vinci's drawing of the man in the circle, because I naturally think of that circle as a torus, and that it's a drawing of the man's unit of consciousness. I wouldn't have come to the Simple Explanation theory without Mandelbrot first noticing fractals.

    As to why, why, why the torus model? I think of the torus shape as an uber-shape that spins off/contains all other geometric forms. What's a torus but a circle/sphere rotating about a point/line? There's your sphere. Another way to get the sphere out of the torus is to look at the torus from afar/the outside and mistake it for a sphere. In my blog article on proton shapes, I suggest that the 3 shapes of a proton (spherical/peanut/torus) may all actually be toroidal inside but appearing slightly deformed outside.

    Here's another of my blog articles concerning toroidal forces that may help or may just muddy the waters. It's more esoteric than most of my stuff:

    And lastly, my intuition actually pictures toroidal shapes in continual flux. Like you're looking at the glowing uber-shaped torus, and it's brightly blinking itself in and out of multitudinous, some smooth, some faceted, toroidal shapes. Perhaps when meta forms solidify in our 3-D time/space, spheres survive easier than other shapes because of their inherent stability. BTW, even in your example of planetary spheres, the spheres all possess associated toruses in the form of gravitational and electro-magnetic energies. So I hold to my claim that toruses are the universe's most basic shape.

  6. Hi Cyd,

    Nice to read your article

    I actually work as a software engineer in France. I watch trees during commute and sometimes, I'm really amazed by their forms ... which wasn't the case before.

    Imagine for a moment that all these trees, flowers and nice landscapes represent some kind of truth, which is there to be deciphered by people like Pythagoras : I read on the net that he has found something great about harmony of shapes in nature and expressed lot of things using his Tetraktys...

    May be in some hundred years, someone will read your simple explanation and will be surprised. Imagine for a moment that a genius like Einstein would come in near future and after years of research comes to a theory which says that toroids are the basic pattern in the universe !


  7. Bon jour, Tony. Yes, I am hoping that sometime in the future, I will reincarnate and rediscover The Simple Explanation of Absolutely Everything book already written in a library, or online, and will remember it all over again. :-) Maybe next time I'll have some math talent and will be able to quantify my crazy-sounding assertions!

    I suppose you've looked at images of fractals and have seen that the trees, flowers, and landscapes are all fractal forms. How lovely. And it's so cool that the fractal form of tree branches and roots is exactly the same as ice cracking or any number of seemingly unrelated phenomena.

  8. Bonjour Cyd !

    The question actually is ... how can a sphere would transform itself into a torus ?

    Planets and stars which are spheres rotate on themselves :

    From this common spheric form to toroids : there must be a very clear explanation. We can't imagine that there could be planets or stars which have any other form than a sphere : not a pyramid, not a cube ... Only sphere and this is obvious. In the same way, it must become obvious for all of us that a toroid is the main underlying shape. It's not as visible as the moon ... We have to look at pumpkins, oranges, tomatoes and guess it :)
    Afterwards, when we look at trees, we may wonder if that living being which came from earth is itself having a magnet-fillings shape because earth is a magnet. Earth rotates on itself : some trees, like the fir tree rotate on themselves ... The trunk is divided in 2 main branches which in turn divide into 2 : 4 branches which in turn divide ... All these look like cell division. This principle seems to be embedded in trees too.

    The paradigms which are apparent in trees (1 trunk divides into 2 then 2 become 4 etc) + magnetic fillings shape + rotation of branches during growth. All this is not visible when we see an orange or a pumpkin. What is very visible is the toroid shape.

    If you can find how a sphere and a toroid coexist, how a toroid appears in a universe filled with spheres rotating upon themselves ... It would make a very nice article ! I think there must be a genius-level explanation to be found which could fill up the gap between these 2 forms and make us appreciate the nature even more.

    hope the videos may inspire you for new ideas !