Thursday, July 28, 2016

How Trees Talk to Each Other -- A TED Talk by Suzanne Simard

This TED talk by Suzanne Simard, delivered at the June, 2016 TED Summit, is a wonderful description of the scientific basis for recognizing the communication and "Golden Rule" -type interdependence of the forest ecosystem.  How could you not define this as conscious awareness?

Here's the talk:


  1. This is a wonderful Ted Talk. Who would have imagined that trees and fungi have a symbiotic relationship and communicate underground through the transfer of nutrients. We haven't even scratched the soil or marine surface in understanding the degree of consciousness and awareness of all life forms. We have just begun to be ecologically responsible just for the sake of preserving a sustainable and inhabitable environment and not yet because we care for the value of plants and animals in the same way as we value human life.

  2. Lovely thoughts, David. Yes, how is it different for me to hand you an apple to eat and you to hand me a glass of water to drink--we are exchanging nutrients like the trees!