Sunday, April 18, 2010

11 Putting It All Together

• Our universe is a self-contained toroidal bubble of space afloat in the infinite metaversal sea.

• Our God is wrapped around our expanding universe, holding us in, holding infinity out.

• We experience the holding force of coherence as love.  We experience the outward expulsive force as energetic joy.

• Every thing in this universe comes equipped with its very own echo of God’s mind—a unit of consciousness (UC).

• No matter the size or complexity of the material to which the UC is attached, our units of consciousness are all the same no-size and occupy the same no-place.

• Units of consciousness make decisions on behalf of the material to which they are attached.

• Life forms consist of the aggregated units of consciousness of the material forming their bodies, plus the governing UC of self-awareness.

• Organizing principles flow inward from the metaverse, collapsing from all possible courses of action to a single course of action at the point of here and now.

• For any observer, all that exists is here and now. Decisions may only be made here and now.

• Karma is the mechanism through which the consequences of behavior informs future potential.

• Memes are energetic waves of cultural patterns produced by units of consciousness. Memes are fueled by repetition or starved by lack of usage.

• “I” am the aggregate UCs of my material body, from the subatomic particles all the way up through the self-aware unit of consciousness that thinks of itself as “me.”

• I influence and am influenced by the karmic record generated by my choices and the choices that others have made.

• I am also influenced by the bundle of memes I and others choose to hold onto.

• I am free to pick and choose the memes I hold onto.

• Although I am influenced by many forces, I always retain my ability to freely choose which decision I will make here and now.

• In order for units of consciousness to join and work together for the greater good, they need relevant information (including shared meme chords), they need to be willing to channel coherence from the metaverse, and they need to love one another.

• Subatomic particles, universal forces, and UCs can all be modeled as a torus:


  1. just so you know...this stuff is excellent. the most complete explanation i've heard yet.

    1. Hi! Thanks for your comment.

      Have you read the first two chapters of the super-complete explanation book? Top of the Topical Index over there on the right side of the screen. I'm in the process of weaving all of these articles into a single, comprehensive narrative.