Monday, April 26, 2010

12 Random Thoughts Concerning the Simple Explanation -- Illustrated

For all the apparent variety of creation, there is really only one simple shape and one ongoing mechanism—a spherical echo of God’s mind that constantly flows inward from future potential through the here and now, emerging at the far side as the past.

We humans are not in control of the universe. We cannot predict the future, for the variables and patterns are beyond our ability to fully anticipate and control, and the past is out of our hands and cannot be undone. The only thing we can control is our own, personal, moment-by-moment decision-making: here and now we have the potential for full control.
We hold on to the things we love, and love is love, no matter the object of affection.

The meme bundles we choose to hold on to have a huge impact on our decision-making. Therefore, it would be wise to review one’s meme bundle and make a conscious decision which memes and chords to hold and which to discard.

Toroidal Art provided by Richard Keely

Methods for discarding memes include simple disuse; identifying with a different meme or meme bundle that is incompatible with that meme; developing relationships with those holding memes incompatible with the memes you wish to discard; and having a change of heart regarding the desirability of that meme.

A meme that is especially intense is more difficult to set down because of the associated chords of memes that go along with it and that also must be set down.

Every UC has a job to do. To “live in God’s will” means to lay aside your UC’s egoic desires and selflessly instantiate for the greater good. When all of creation performs the jobs they were instantiated to perform, the machinery of our universe runs smoothly. Doing one’s job brings joy and fulfillment. When UCs, instead, use their free will to deviate from the pattern of the greater good, all of creation suffers.

If this model is in any sense “true,” one would expect to find it everywhere. I have found this theory works to illuminate both sacred texts and worldly knowledge domains with which I am familiar. I invite you, dear reader, to consider this Simple Explanation in light of what you believe and personally know to be true. Such application of this Simple Explanation will be a welcomed step in the evolution of this model.

Posted by Cyd Ropp, Ph.D

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