Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Free Will and Quantum Foam

This illustration, borrowed from Brian Greene's The Elegant Universe, shows how the appearance of matter transforms from smooth to chaotic the closer you look. Imagine the ordinary, unmagnified, world as the grid at the bottom of the drawing, and that each successive plane represents a closer look at a portion of the plane below.  At the most extreme ultra-magnification, quantum fluctuations have replaced smooth, predictable geometry.
This model of chaos can be used to illustrate the principle of individual free will. As was previously stated in Traits of Units of Consciousness,  most UCs perform as expected—they “do their part,” they “work according to plan.” It was also stated that every UC has the free will to fulfill or contradict its responsibilities.

Looking at the illustration, the lowest magnification appears smooth because most of the UCs are performing more or less as expected. At the highest magnification, the free will decisions made by the sea of UCs reveal their individuality. The UCs are not automatons, nor are they interchangeable bricks in a wall, but free-will wielding entities. If a lateral cohort of UCs decides not to work together, or if most of them decide to do their individual thing rather than pulling together in love and harmony to work according to plan, then chaos will win out and the erstwhile structure will collapse.

It is to all of our benefit that most UCs' operate according to the metaversal plan and, at the grand scale of our universe, there is enough redundancy of duties to accommodate each UC's free choice decisions. It is only when examining each individual UC's activities up close that the chaotic nature of free will is detectable. Keep in mind that under the Simple Explanation, every thing in the universe is a UC--a unit of consciousness. Quantum foam is not only a metaphorical analogy for free will, it is actually the free will of quanta UCs made manifest.

This link takes you to articles about space-time foam.


  1. Society is the average expression of chaos at a macro level. Free will may be no more free than a string has the opportunity to vibrate at any frequency.

  2. I really like how you put that: Society is the average expression of chaos at a macro level. And in the Simple Explanation, "society" is any laterally linked collection of UCs, whether people, particles, or stars.


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