Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Nested Hierarchies

After diagramming the human UC's hierarchical structure in the article "My Self, the Governor of Whoville," I extended the concepts to include the hierarchy above us.

To review, here's the distribution of UCs in each of our aggregate selves:
The Human UC's Hierarchichal Structure

Applying the same reasoning "upline" yields the following hierarchical structure:

The Universal UC's Hierarchichal Structure
In the hierarchy above, fewer and fewer instances of each type of UC appear as their scope of responsibility becomes broader and broader. Eventually, all units of consciousness in this universe combine to rejoin the Universal Unit of Conciousness from whence they came.

Notice that our human concept of "God" occupies the same niche in this Universal hierarchy as our Ego occupies in the Human-level hierarchy. Using analogical reasoning, our universe is a reflection of the collective UCs' choices (karma) and memes (beliefs and narratives). The personality we call "God" also reflects this Universe's karmic record and memes, as It organizes and instantiates those patterns on behalf of Creation. This "God" is not identical to the Metaversal UC because of its necessary involvement with this material Universe. The Metaversal UC exists in a limitless, undifferentiated state of pure conciousness, unaffected by the affairs of this Universe.

Nested Hierarchies

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  1. That which we think of as "God" in our Universal UC Hierarchy is limited by our need to think in terms of meme constructs. That which we conceive of as "God" is less than what God would have to be, since an entity as large as God or the Universal UC is necessarily greater than any single UC's "God" meme.
    It is the need to transcend all memes, and especially our limited "God" meme, that gives rise to mystical routes to God realization. Our minds think in terms of memes; our unburdened Self UCs do not. Yoga, Buddhism, Taoism, and mystical Christianity are among the spiritual traditions that attempt to "know God" through quieting the mind and laying down preconceived memes, thus freeing up their Self UCs for a direct experience of blissful reunion with that which is greater than reason can grasp.