Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Fractal Edge of Undifferentiated Consciousness

The Simple Explanation model suggests that the undifferentiated consciousness of the Metaverse is held apart from this created universe by means of a toroidal-shaped membrane "composed" of consciousness.

Which begs the question: How is it possible for an object (our Universe) to rest "inside" the formless Metaverse without affecting the undifferentiated nature of that originating place? How can space and non-dimensionality, time and timelessness, change and the changeless co-exist without touching the untouchable Metaverse? 

This paradox is easily solved by imagining that the membrane itself possesses a fractal surface, such as the Koch Curve. Through an infinite series of calculations, the fractal surface keeps itself contained and interiorized; keeping the undifferentiated unity of the Metaverse unsullied.
As you can see, through endless divisions, the surface and interior of the Koch snowflake remain contained to the figure, never reaching "outside."  The effect of this infinitely recursive fractal surface can be likened to that of an invisibility force field deployed around our universe, i..e, "What happens in our universe, stays in our universe."