Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Meme Share: Simplify

Here's another helpful meme:


Simplify is good advice in all things.

We can simplify our lives with fewer projects, fewer responsibilities. Peel away the unessential so we are left with more space in the here and now.

We can simplify our cooking with fewer, more basic ingredients. Fresh food from nature, not chemicals from laboratories. Simple, wholesome recipes that nourish.

We can simplify our closets and our dresser drawers by giving away clothes we no longer wear.

We can simplify our homes by giving away anything we do not really want or need. We can throw away broken items hidden in basements and storerooms. We can clear out deadwood, inside and out. Chi is stagnated by clutter. Clean empty space provides room for inspiration.

We can simplify our expectations of how things should be and simply accept what they are.


What else can we simplify? Please leave any thoughts that come to mind here under "comments."