Saturday, March 19, 2011

Personal Note: Here I am in my UC T-shirt

Here I am in my UC t-shirt. Isn't it cool? It's like seeing into my heart chakra, isn't it? 
Cyd's UC t-shirts available at her Cafe Press store.


  1. You look fabulous Cyd, the idea of the t-shirts and other items is simply great.

  2. Love the t-shirt!

  3. Thanks! I hope people think to give them as gifts; quirky conversation starters. Plus, I'd like to see a t-shirt make it onto some rock star's chest during an appearance. I think Jason Mraz would really dig the Simple Explanation. Anybody know him?

  4. just bought a 3 of your awesome tank sure they'll be the topic of conversation when I wear them to hot yoga class.

    loving your site, so glad I found your UC!!!


  5. Fabulous! Thanks. Now three of us have bought shirts! Let's start a fad! ;')

    Which design(s) did you choose?