Sunday, March 14, 2010

2 Units of Consciousness

As our universe expanded, over and over and over again, pale echoes of God’s mind attached themselves to the particles streaming out of the Big Bang.

God’s mind pulses with concentration at the birth of every thing in our universe. These pulsations send spherical waves of consciousness inward from the border of God’s mind toward creation, informing each new piece of material with its own unit of consciousness as it emerges from the portal of here and now.

     Time passed and creation became more complex as subatomic particles reached out to one another according to metaversal principles of organization. And particles made atoms, atoms made molecules, molecules made single-celled organisms, single-celled organisms diversified into the full panoply of life, and every one of these material building blocks came equipped with its own unit of consciousness (UC). Each tiny unit of consciousness knew what role it needed to play in order to help the universe create and sustain itself, for every UC could decode and instantiate its own special piece of the metaversal ideal.

quanta UC

atomic UC
molecular UC
cellular UC

organ UC
organism UC
societal UC
global UC
At each stage along the way from simple to complex, units of consciousness are increasingly sophisticated in their ability to regulate and manage their existence.

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  1. While there is only one Unit of Consciousness associated with each level of complexity, the more complex an object or entity is, the more UCs make it up. At the human level, for example, there is the UC attached to the person reading this ("You"), and there is also a UC for every constituent piece of you--from each organ and cell down through "your" sub-atomic quanta. Read more about this in the articles under the title "Concerning Consciousness" in the topical index to the right.

  2. A torus can be described as a circle rotating around a point outside itself. a super toroidal pair may be described as a torus rotaing around a point out side itself which is also rataing around not on a circle but on another spiral that also winds around another torus at right angles to,.. but out-side of the first. One may creat structures in which torus after tororus rotates at right angles to the previos one in sequence,and creates a closed loop... (where the outer toroid is inside out!!!!) this very nearly, perfectly, describes the relationship between voltage potential, to the resulting flow of current to the resulting magnetic field which causes a back electromotive force, which creates an inductive reactance which acts against the initial force resisting change.... it seems all forces have these kinds of relationships,... and it is only the complexity of the series of recursive self referential relationships, .. that make those relationships more obscure,.. but non the less still symetrical and beautiful. Relationships of odd powers appear to be unstable, and so represent transitional phases.

  3. Clearly we need to see some of your diagrams to follow the descriptions correctly. Are they posted anywhere we can see?

  4. If Reality is One, why would "pale echoes of God's mind" need to attach themselves to all of the particles emanating from the Big Bang? What about all the energy that was released that did not form matter? Certainly, since Pure Consciouness is undifferentiated, potential energy/matter, when it actualizes consciousness is already inherent in the resulting energy/matter. Undifferentiated Consiousness is the inverse of differentiated Consciousness. They are not two. No need to add anything extraneous to the energy/matter. Physicists now postulate that space is actually dark energy. Space, therefore, is a Unit of Consciousness as well.

  5. Re: anonymous comment July 1.

    The UCs, units of consciousness, are fractals of the undifferentiated One. They are not undifferentiated... the UCs are units carrying patterns out of the One. The One is separated from the Units by a fractal border that holds our created universe apart from the undifferentiated whole. For now, here we are, in this created place. We are obviously, self referentially, not the undifferentiated One. See the fractal edge of consciousness article in this blog...

  6. No argument that "empty" space is also conscious. These UCs are not the empty space or dark energy or dark matter. They are what we see as manifested anu, or aggregated as the material universe, or maya.

  7. Kudos and much appreciation to Anonymous who, on his website, gives the source of the wireframe torus everyone is using here to explain how toroidal space can be used to model any reality ( It would be nice if the others could give credit to the the source of that image.

    The image was drawn by our P.S.I.O. supercomputer, which is a microcosmic emulator that can render a model of any reality in a formal mathematical language that is so precise and exact that the model is more or less the same thing as the thing being modeled.

    This model is actually a 12 dimensional hypertorus, not the 2 dimensional one shown in the images above. The model is composed if the real and imaginary (actual and potential) automata that make up the surface topology of the 12 dimensions. The hypertorus can then be unfolded so as to view a cross-section of the 12 dimensions.

    These automata combine to make the ANU mentioned in the comments above. They come in two flavors, real and imaginary, which represent the actual and potential components of any reality. On this side of the quantum veil in the time domain they are combined into complex frequencies, but on the other side of the quantum veil they are discreet.

    Intention has the ability to reach across the veil, consider the actual and potential components then combine them into the ANU which materialize on this side of the veil. All human suffering, in fact, all human experience stems from the difference between the actual and potential, who a person says they are versus who they truly are.

    This difference creates a tension that functions as a black hole that draws in people, events, circumstances and situations in an attempt to resolve the difference and tension. Our process allows resolution of that difference, which leads to the next highest level of order. The process can be applied directly to a stated intention or more directly to substances like micro-structured water. For more information please visit

  8. Very interesting comment. When I came up with the Simple Explanation, I went trolling for images to express the torus. When I found the wireframe used here I started using it, thinking it to be, actually, a mechanical drawing of a pure mathematical form, like a drawing of a sphere or a cube, and thereby needing no attribution. Still think that to be the case. But it's very interesting to see the website associated with the image and how they have managed to make a business out of this.