Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More Basics About UCs

These further thoughts regarding Units of Consciousness (UCs) were generated through discussions carried on in earlier "Comments," prompted by reader questions.

There are so many little quanta UCs and atomic UCs that, despite their very simple material expression (no brains, no blood for example) they still have a pretty firm grasp of the Universe because they are all over the place. But their responsibilities are very narrowly defined--a photon may only have one choice to make in its whole life, so that individual photon's UC doesn't know too much about anything else. But, when you consider all of the photons in this Universe, together they know everything there is to know about optics and light. We do know from the latest science that photons, once they are twined with another photon, know instantly everything that their twin photon does, no matter how far away their twin has gone. Furthermore, the twin photon's choices affect each other, so if, for example, one twin goes right, their other goes left.

All UCs are self-aware, self-governing, with free will. You don't have to reach any level of sophistication to be a governing UC. Every UC governs the piece of material they are attached to, irregardless of how simple or inert the material appears to us humans.

The human body has a governing UC one step higher up than the UCs that make up our body and its systems. It is this governing UC that we think of as our self. 

(See "Mud Up, Spirit Down" article) Every body has many, many, many UCs. These UCs govern the atomic and molecular structure of the body; above that are UCs that govern each cell in the body (one UC for each of 50-trillion cells); above that is a UC for each organ--a heart UC, a lung UC, a sexual UC, etc. Then there is the UC that ties all of these subsystems together -- our governing UC that makes the body's coordinated physical-maintenance decisions and interfaces with the world through the body's sensory and motor systems.


The governing UC isn't always paying attention to the body or even doing its job of conscious decision-making. The governing UC may be preoccupied with thoughts or songs or emotions and so the self isn't making any here-and-now decisions, but leaving decisions to the body's aggregate UCs. Activities like driving a car, having sex, eating, or taking a bath can all be carried out by the body's organ level UCs without governing supervision or awareness. 

The Big Bang took only moments to pour all the potential UCs into our Universe. 

Scientists tell us that all the particles in the Universe were formed in moments, and that the initital transformations and organizing of particles into more complex shapes took under a second. We're discussing UCs, not particles, but we already know that every particle is associated with a UC, or to put it another way, every essentially identical UC expresses itself as a particular instantiation of matter. According to Yogic philosophy, the matter is only in illusory projection of the UC's individualized consciousness.

UCs never evolve because each UC is already a perfect replica of the original UC (the one that emerged directly from the metaverse). What changes is the sophistication and abilities of the matter that limits its expression in this 3-D world.

As the material becomes more complex, with more complex and massive attachments, the UC that has chosen to govern that aggregation of material focuses its attention to that level of decision making. 

If there is an atomic-sized grouping, then there would be the number of UCs involved in that grouping as a physicist would expect to observe. If that atom joins up laterally with other atoms to form a molecule, then at the here and now of the new molecule's instantiation, a UC focused on making decisions on behalf of that molecule enters the universe. This would be what I refer to as the molecule's governing UC.


  1. Hi Cyd, I have just stumbled across your blog while doing some research on fractals. I'm absolutely fascinated by the articulate, structured and absolutely accessible way in which you explain things!

    Really, the way you bring together incredibly complex scientific phenomena and concepts with esoteric teachings is breathtaking!

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us all.

    Warm regards

  2. Thank you so much for enjoying my writing style and ideas. I've been mulling over these particular notions for decades. God bless the blogosphere for providing readers!