Thursday, March 18, 2010

4 One Simple Model (expanded)

Sustaining the matter in this universe requires an uninterrupted stream of organization and intention funneling inward from the spherical border that separates our space and time from the metaverse at large. Like pure potential pouring down the gravitational well of a great black hole, our possible futures become increasingly limited as they funnel toward the crucible of here and now at the heart of creation. Here and now, all potentials collapse as only one course of action is realized.
The Metaverse ("Outside" our Universe)
We can think of this wireframe version of the toroid as the idealized mathematical blueprint imagined by the metaversal consciousness prior to creation. The toroid is a doughnut shape, with a zero-point-sized hole at the middle of the doughnut, between the funnel points.
This chalk drawing is the same view as the wireframe toroid. For the purposes of illustration, the inner and outer surface of the doughnut's shell is yellow. We're seeing a cross-section of the inside of the doughnut. The blue is the field contained within the toroidal shape. Try to visualize these images as 3-D, not 2-D. The blue-colored inside of this torus is shaped like a tube--what is pictured as two blue circles are two sides of one blue tube encircling the white star.
Here is a top cutaway view of the toroid, looking down on the zero-point hole at the middle. I chose this particular color scheme because this is what people "see" when they look out with the "third eye" during meditation. From the top, it looks like a white/gold ring with a blue center and bright light at the middle.

In these chalk drawings, the black background represents the formless metaverse--the Undifferentiated Unity. The yellow shell represents what I call the "shape of God's mind" also known as the original unit of consciousness. This shell is not a material object, but a thought vibration. The area represented by the blue field is our material universe. The white center star represents the zero-point middle--called "Here and Now" in the Simple Explanation.
These chalk drawings also represent each and every unit of consciousness (UC) in our universe, as every UC is a perfect echo of the original UC.
The universal toroid is also the creative matrix of our physical universe. Proto-energy pours into our universe from the zero point at the center of our universal toroid, rushing into our space time continuum as quantum particles and forces. At the same time, at both the cosmological and quantum levels, proto-energy presses in from the outside, containing at the large level our universal space and holding it from the infinitude of the outer metaverse and, at the very small level, defining the outer edge of individual quantum probability clouds.

The expulsive force that explodes outward from the center of the toroid is the same as the implosive force that presses inward from the outer shell. In the drawings above, the implosive force (coherence; love) is represented by the yellow arrows and the expulsive force (proto-energy; Ananda; joy) is represented by the white star at the middle.
Here’s how it works: imagine the yellow arrows poking into the entire surface of the toroid—not just the outside spherical portion but from the within the funnel areas, too. Now visualize the surface of the toroid in motion, flowing out the bottom of the funnel, around the outside, and back through the middle (as depicted by the white arrows in these drawings). Keep in mind that, despite the cross-sectional views we see here, the flow is actually taking place along the entire outside spherical surface, flowing up and over the rounded hemispheric region and down into the increasingly constrained funnel, passing through the point at the center. As the inward-poking arrows slide over the lip of the funnel and begin flowing down into the funnel, the inward-from-rim-toward-center direction flips over to become the center-pointing-outward direction.

Not only does the cohesive, inward force now appear to be a repulsive, outward force, the force itself is compressed from that generated over the entire spherical surface to a tremendously concentrated, singular point exploding outward in all possible directions into the interior of the toroid.

The Simple Explanation proposes that this extremely concentrated proto-energy is held in suspension at the zero point of the universal torus, exploding outward into our material universe as the originator of the fundamental forces of physics. These forces are shaped and directed by the proto-shape of the torus itself, which is the organizational framework for the fundamental particles.

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  1. While I'm asking you to imagine these shapes in 3-D, "actual" mathematical toroids are multi-dimensional. In the Simple Explanation, the metaverse generates an infinite number of dimensions in the form of mathematical potentials which appear 3-D in our universe.


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