Thursday, March 25, 2010

6 We Are All Here Now

There is only one time and one place in the universe for any given observer. That place is always right here, right now, at this moment of conscious awareness. All units of consciousness realize their decision-making potential only in the crucible of here and now.
     The future is ungraspable, for no UC can fully know and control the multitude of variables approaching here and now.
     All units of consciousness are inwardly resonating waves propagated within the shell of God’s mind, therefore all UCs are standing exactly in the same no-place. I am exactly where you are, where we all are. I am exactly where God is, where the UC of a quark is, where the UC of a skin cell is. I am no bigger or smaller than any other UC because size is irrelevant where there is no space, and there is no space in the metaverse. No matter the size or complexity of the material to which the UC is attached, from quanta to human to star system, our UCs are all the same no-size in the same no-place.

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