Monday, May 10, 2010

A Simple Explanation and Esoteric Anatomy

While browsing for toroidal images on the web, I came across a couple of interesting diagrams out of Bruce Burger's 1998 book, Esoteric Anatomy. Turns out Burger and his mentor, Randolf Stone, were all about toroidal energy forces surrounding human bodies, although they did not use the word "toroidal" or "torus." They call the toroidal forces centrifugal and centripedal and describe them as "upward/outward" and "downward/inward." Stone's original work has evolved into an energy healing modality called Polarity Therapy. Here's page 134 of Esoteric Anatomy, where you can see the toroidal shape if you "connect the dots":

I'm reading Burger's book now. When I'm finished, I can provide A Simple Explanation of Polarity Therapy. Until then, if you would like to read Esoteric Anatomy, you can click on the link below to order it.