Tuesday, December 1, 2009

1 Before the Beginning...

     Before the beginning, before space and time, there was nothing but pure consciousness. And consciousness had neither pattern nor form, only awareness. Then consciousness had a thought which unfolded into countless dimensions. This multi-dimensional metaverse still lacked space and time but it now quivered with limitless mathematical potential.
     Then consciousness had a particular thought. In a twinkling, our entire universe was imagined in the fullness of its complexity, from the tiniest quanta through the greatest astral body; every animal, vegetable, and mineral; every element; every thing. At the moment this thought occurred, the metaverse vibrated with every organizing principle needed to shape and sustain space and time, energy and mass.
     All was in ideal balance. Every system was theoretically in tune; every function perfectly performed; the consequence of every action anticipated, understood, and plotted to the nth degree. And it was all good.
     Having had this thought, the metaversal consciousness focused inward, and that concentrated thought became a singular point of limitless energetic potential—enough to seed our universe. On this day that time began, consciousness wrapped itself around the expanding space of our universe, forming a border between us and infinity. God’s mind took on a shape.