Sunday, December 6, 2009

9 Who Am "I"?

     “I” am the aggregate UCs of my material body, from the subatomic particles to molecules to cells, all the way up through the UCs of the body’s organ systems.

     “I” am also the self-aware unit of consciousness generated at conception.This capital-letter “Self” came into this universe as a perfect echo of God’s mind. The job of this Self UC is to oversee the body’s aggregate UCs and to join with other UCs to build things.
     “I” am influenced in my decision-making by many forces acting upon me as I approach the here and now. These forces include the karmic records and meme bundles of my Self and my body’s aggregate UCs, and the karma and memes of those around me. Despite these influences acting upon me, it is always within my power to make a free-will decision at any particular moment.


  1. If "I" am the aggregate of the body's UCs (as well as the self-aware unit of consciousness generated at conception), and my Self UC timeshares a body with other Self UCs, how does that affect who "I" am?

    I'm assuming here that "I" is different from a Self UC. If that is not the case, then I am really lost.


  2. Your model makes sense of some fundamental paradoxes found in Yoga, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc.. For example, the "I" is said to be an illusion. Yet Easern thought believes in reincarnation. What reincarnates if the "I" is not real? I believe that the governing UC that I call "me" generates a succession of selves overtime. I am under the illusion that my self at any one time is my "I" when in fact it is not. "I", as a UC, am real and does reincarnate. My selves are merely memes that do not govern and do not make choices. In hypnotic regression we discover past memes. By working on past memes (selves), I can affect present choices, hopefully for the better. Call that past life therapy. I am particularly interested in your "Simple Explanation" model as a Professor of Philosophy for thirty-eight years with a apecialty in Mind Body theory. I am now a practicing Clinical Hypnotherapist.

  3. To 13: For most people, the answer to "who am I?" is that I am my self-aware sense of "me" encased in this body of mine. This Simple Explanation theory says we are that, but also we are the things we love and hate, plus the record of our actions in this world, overlaid upon our UC. Think of a UC as a perfect echo or wave form "shaped" exactly like God's mind. You might say our universe is populated by exact echoes of God's primordial UC. The UCs are all identical--they're all reflections of the God UC. What makes "me" different from "you" is the pattern of my meme bundles and karma that overlay or filter out my UC.

    So, 13's UC, when you scrape away the loves, hates, and karma, is the same as Cyd's UC. What makes us different is the stuff we scrape away -- the filter (of attachments and karma) that obscures our UCs.

    The Self UC is a perfect reflection of the God UC. But "I" (the subjective sense of "me") am not that perfect, because of my meme attachments and karma.

    Does that make sense?

  4. Dr. Bill,

    Thank you for your insightful comments. Yes, I agree with what you say. I would only try to keep the terms we use uniform, to prevent confusion.

    So I guess I would say that we do only have one capital-S Self, and that is the perfect UC that underlies all the transitory "me's" and that never changes. This is what you are calling the "I."

    I like what you say about the selves being memes. I'd say the "me's" are memes, or more precisely, the me's are our unique patterns of meme bundles being held at any given time. The meme pattern is like a woven cloak laid over the lantern of your UC. Everyone's cloak or meme pattern casts a unique shadow over their UC. It would be the cloak you are revisiting when clients are hypnotically regressed. Does that make sense to you?

  5. Yes, you've explained it quite well. I understand what you mean when you say that "I" consists of all those things we gain during a particular lifetime, overlaid on our Self UC.

    I was thinking about something Bill was saying about past life therapy. Since you can revisit past "Is" does that mean that you are somehow linked to all the "Is" you have ever been? Do you carry some meme patterns forward life after life for better or for worse? Can you tap into past "Is" and access past talents or wisdom? Or do you think that happens automatically?

    I know that there are a lot of things that I have picked up easily in this life that I have already learned in other lives. For example, calligraphy, shooting, climbing and sign language. However there are other things that I was good at in past lives that I can't do worth a damn now. For example, singing and dancing.

    Do you think maybe, when our Self UC is getting ready for another lifetime that it chooses from all the talents that it previously learned in the past, which ones it will bring to it into the current incarnation?


  6. Traditional scriptures all agree that your karma is sticky stuff that clings to your UC after your body dies. These would be the "sins" so many people fear being tallied up and paid for on "Judgment Day." Now, if we imagine this karmic bundle carrying forward, then you'd expect the memes involved in those karmic patterns to also carry forward. If there were some karmic reckoning in your next lives, they'd be along the same meme bundle that influenced your UC in the first place. For example, a simple karmic reckoning could be imagined as overeating in one lifetime being balanced by starvation in a different lifetime; both overeating and starvation are extremes along the same meme bundle. This is why I reason that karma and meme bundles may travel together.

    But it may be that perhaps it's only your karma that travels, and it is the karma itself that draws certain memes your way. If this is the case, then the "I" of your ongoing UC is nothing but the pattern of all the choices your UC has made--your karma.

    If the "you" that exists between material incarnations is nothing but your karmic record, then this is in a sense proved by the necessary assertion that all UCs are one and the same back at the beginning, that all UCs begin their journey as perfect echoes of God. Then it follows that "I" develop as a result of my choices and the choices of others. The memes are in the ether, in the transpersonal consciousness, in the zero point field, in the akashik record, if you will. They are not in me or riding along with my UC. It is my karmic record that attracts and repels the patterns of memes surrounding my life.

  7. more response to 13's post:

    I totally agree with you that talents easily learned are UC's reacquiring old meme bundles from previous lives.

    Easy explanation for why you can't reproduce all such previous abilities has to do with the aggregate UCs to which you are now attached. IOW, a UC who was once a great pianist may now find herself inhabiting a body with less nimble fingers--or no fingers at all!

    Every UC in this material Universe is limited by the abilities of the mud or meat to which it is attached.

  8. Answer to 13's last question:

    There is a deep-seated need for justice in the universe. Personally, I can't see how a UC can walk away from their karmic record between instantiations. Doesn't seem fair. So, I wouldn't expect the UC to have total free will in the matter.

    As stated a couple of Comments prior to this one, it seems likely that the UC's karmic bundle also determines its future body choices. Maybe between lives as it works in this life, karma constrains the possible choices available from which to choose.

    I suppose a UC, as a unit of free will, could choose its new host body based upon the things it loves or hates (your preferred memes--generated by your talents and experiences). So, sure, it seems as though a child prodigy in any talent already knew what they were doing and chose a good body and life situation in which to express it.

  9. Cyd, a wonderful and insightful dialogue between you and "13." I am in agreement with the analyses being made. Your model has great explanatory power. You are a gifted thinker as is "13." Bill

  10. Hmmm...I don't know that I necessarily view karma in quite the same way. On some level, I guess I do, but I see other things mixed in there, too.

    What if we were keeping our own score card? Might we do things simply for the experience of it? I had the experience of overeating in my last life; this time I want to experience starvation (or vise versa). Is it so crazy to think that I might want to experience what it's like to overcome an addiction? Or that I might want to experience what it's like to be poor, rich, deaf, blind, gay, black, famous, thin, fat, prejudice, lonely, pious (ad infinitum)? What's it like to have ECT? What's it like to be shunned by others just because of the way you look? What's it like? What can I learn from it? And then, what can I teach others about it?

    I don't mean to imply that we want to experience everything that we experience in our lives, but I also don't believe that everything negative that we experience in our lives is as a result of some past "sin." Maybe, just maybe, there was something that I wanted to learn from the experience.


  11. Oh my gosh, 13! What an excellent, non-judgmental way to view karma. I like it; it's so gentle. Plus, that's really what happens anyway. It's through the exercise of your free-will and determination that you behave the way you behave in this life. Stands to reason you'd behave that way in between lives, too.

    What is your sense of the need for reckoning or balance, ying/yang. Do you think a UC will necessarily choose to starve for the experience of it after having binged? Or do you think that randomly, across the universe, UCs just happen to balance out each others' proclivities? Or do you think that there is no need for karmic justice at all?

  12. No, I don’t think that a UC will necessarily choose to starve after having binged. I think that for a couple of reasons. First, it assumes that binging is a sin for which starving is a kind of punishment meant to set things right. In my thinking, binging (whether it’s just overeating or to the extreme of morbid obesity) is simply an experience that we can have here on this 3D planet. Remember, binging is no more pleasurable than starving. There is a lot that a UC can learn from the experience of binging, living with the consequences, and then overcoming it. Just as there is a lot that a UC can learn from the experience of starving, living with the consequences of that, and then overcoming it. Each experience will have its unique lessons to be learned, however, I don’t think that my UC will necessarily learn the exact same lessons from binging as another UC will learn from the same experience. Which brings me to my second reason.

    The second reason I don’t think that a UC will necessarily choose to starve after having binged is because, if a UC is seeking balance from an experience of excess, there are many other ways to experience a lack other than starving. As I mentioned above, a UC’s experience of binging and the lessons learned will be unique. Therefore, what balances that experience will also be unique.


  13. Yes, I like your thinking about learning opportunities and lessons learned. Yet, the idea of balance, which some call righting a karmic debt, is still implied in your comment, whether or not the reciprocal experience is along the same meme. Would you agree?

  14. Yes, I would agree. However, I think that “righting a karmic debt” is not necessarily about having a reciprocal experience (whether along the same meme or not).

    I think I need to be very careful when talking about things such as karmic debt and karmic justice because I don’t now enough about it. I don’t know which sorts of things are settling karmic debts are which sorts of things are accruing it.

    What I do know is, that for me, while I’m on this 3D planet, it’s best for me to forgive others that I feel have done me an injustice in this life. There are many reasons why I think I should. It could have been a misunderstanding. Maybe they didn’t mean it or were having a bad day. Maybe they are sick. Maybe I deserved it. But even if they were being maniacal, it’s best for me to try and let it go because, (1) I don’t like what it feels like to feel bad, (2) I don’t want to stay or enter into a karmic bond with them, and (3) it’s not my place to decide (karmically speaking) whether their actions were justified or not.

    You asked me before about my thoughts on the need for karmic justice. I don’t know about the need for karmic justice, but the problem I have with many theories of karmic justice is that they are too simplistic. For example, if we do good things in this life we will be rewarded in the next. Or the reverse: if we do bad things in this life we will be punished in the next. I understand that these statements (or beliefs) are meant to motivate good behavior from people. But if a UC is doing good things in this life out of fear of being punished, what has that UC learned? I’d hazard a guess that one of things they’ve learned is how to live in fear. What are they learning of love?

    In my thinking, there is no over-reaching UC entity ready to punish me for all my misdeeds and reward me for my successes. If there is anyone holding my scales and asking for them to be balanced, it’s my UC.


  15. 13, I totally agree with everything you say in the comment above.

    Your final paragraph brings up an intriguing implication. If we UCs are all perfect replicas of the original UC (which I, being theistically-minded like to call God), then there is in reality no superior UC sitting over you, but one exactly as your Self UC.

    That is not to say that there is no karma. Every action incurs a ripple--that ripple is the karma generated by that action. If you chop off your arm, your karma is to have one arm thenceforth in this lifetime. That's judgment. It's easy to see the "punishment" for chopping off your arm.

    Perhaps you will say, "It's not punishment, it's a learning opportunity." And I would agree with you. Maybe that's all that "judgment" is: learning whatever your UC hoped to learn from the learning experience of whatever you did. In this case, being a one-armed person.

  16. Yes, I would call that a learning opportunity. As C.S. Lewis would say: “Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God do you learn.”

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