Sunday, December 6, 2009

12 Random Thoughts Concerning the Simple Explanation

For all the apparent variety of creation, there is really only one simple shape and one ongoing mechanism—a spherical echo of God’s mind that constantly flows inward from future potential through the here and now, emerging at the far side as the past.

We humans are not in control of the universe. We cannot predict the future, for the variables and patterns are beyond our ability to fully anticipate and control, and the past is out of our hands and cannot be undone. The only thing we can control is our own, personal, moment-by-moment decision-making: here and now we have the potential for full control.

We hold on to the things we love, and love is love, no matter the object of affection.

The meme bundles we choose to hold on to have a huge impact on our decision-making. Therefore, it would be wise to review one’s meme bundle and make a conscious decision which memes and chords to hold and which to discard.

Methods for discarding memes include simple disuse; identifying with a different meme or meme bundle that is incompatible with that meme; developing relationships with those holding memes incompatible with the memes you wish to discard; and having a change of heart regarding the desirability of that meme.

A meme that is especially intense is more difficult to set down because of the associated chords of memes that go along with it and that also must be set down.

Every UC has a job to do. To “live in God’s will” means to lay aside your UC’s egoic desires and selflessly instantiate for the greater good. When all of creation performs the jobs they were instantiated to perform, the machinery of our universe runs smoothly. Doing one’s job brings joy and fulfillment. When UCs, instead, use their free will to deviate from the pattern of the greater good, all of creation suffers.

If this model is in any sense “true,” one would expect to find it everywhere. I have found this theory works to illuminate both sacred texts and worldly knowledge domains with which I am familiar. I invite you, dear reader, to consider this Simple Explanation in light of what you believe and personally know to be true. Such application of this Simple Explanation will be a welcomed step in the evolution of this model.


  1. Great wonderful, fabulous theory - except it would be just as good without the god part.

  2. Thank you Karyl. I'm glad you like it with or without the God part. With God, the Explanation appeals to spiritual seekers of just about any faith. Without God, the Explanation should make some quantum theorist/ string theorist very happy.

  3. Well congratulations on producing a very well thought out and intriguing cosmology with its Christian epilogue. The constructs flow very well, each building upon prior ideas. Your skill at expressing your thoughts are key in making the cosmology understandable. Your desire to explain everything, represents the organizational force that you discussed being expressed through your will. While some would take issue with your thesis or particular concepts thereof, you have put forth a skeleton upon which to drape our concepts of God and self.

    Without detracting from your accomplishment, I would like to share my experience with cosmology. Over the years I have made several attempts at a cosmology of the physical universe focusing on the basic 4 forces. It started off as what I called "Cosmic Bologna" and whether bricks had any level of awareness; evolved into aspects of relativity and the notion that perception creates time and the size of the universe; and finally molted into a practical explanation how gravity both slows down and accelerates expansion of the universe without the need for creating the requirement of dark matter to accomplish this. The premise for these ideas is that we have the required senses of perception and the capacity of deduction to understand a universe that we assume does not occupy imperceivable dimensions, is comprehensible by an organism that uses biochemical logic, and whose "laws" are inviolate throughout the universe.

  4. Your cosmology has a likelihood of being entirely correct or perhaps not~how can we know for sure? It's seems very logical and intuitive. I think to know for certain, you would have to become Cyd of Tarsus and be struck knowledgeable by God on the road to wisdom. Hmm--maybe you have been! I think my vignettes of cosmology can fit within your paradigm. Beyond the satisfaction of identifying the all-encompassing cosmology, how can it be used to further order, create solutions, and minimize chaos and destruction?

    You have probably considered the effects of entropy in your model. The result of creating a cosmology that can further create order in the universe, itself creates entropy that further increases the amount of energy that is irretrievably disordered. This highly elaborate cosmological order can occur so long as there is a greater increase in disorder somewhere else in the universe. We see a practical effect of this on earth, since mankind is hard-wired it seems to create organization on earth for preservation purposes, while the result creates a net increase in entropy, resulting in the destruction of the planet's natural systems. Therefore, the ultimate way to save the planet is for us to disorganize our civilization's systems on earth and take our entropy with us somewhere else. This is an application of how the second law of thermodynamics can be used to solve the earth's problems. I have not read about this concept before, so it could be original. Can your cosmology incorporate this concept?

  5. Hi Dave.
    Perhaps the order created by God and other lesser UCs is balanced by the potential for entropy that for the most part goes unmanifested. IOW, if God stopped supplying the metaversal order and systemic patterns, entropy would take over and destroy creation in a heartbeat. Would that work?

  6. Could the entropy be absorbed by/wasted by the unused dimensions required of string theory? IOW, in my model, there theoretically exists an infinite number of unmanifested potential universes--the untaken roads or the choices not chosen by the organizing forces. I'm not saying this is it, but i'm just wondering if the entropy could be dumped there? Or could there be a mirror universe to ours wherein the entropy plays itself out? Or do you thinlk the entropy must occur in our universe?

  7. Dave, perhaps you should define exactly what you mean by entropy and why your cosmology requires order to produce entropy?

  8. Entropy is a measure of the amount of energy in a closed system that is lost to that system for future changes. A system is closed when no energy can be added to or removed from it and energy is lost not because it has left the system, but because it is unavailable as a result of becoming irretrievably disordered. Order can increase elsewhere in the system even though energy is irretrievably disordered. When the sun shines on the earth, energy is added to our planet's physical systems that can result in an increase in order of various processes. Entropy, however, increases elsewhere in the universe. There are examples that show the second law is compatible with autonomous self-organization and the development of complex systems. The formation of crystals are cited as a chemical solution cools down and entropy increases.

    The concept of order hinges on what we define order to be such as the notion of symmetry. When order is lost, symmetry may be broken. Symmetry includes all aspects of a physical system that are subject to select transformations given that the system does not change based on the perspective of the observer--relativity. In particle physics there are three symmetries that sound like part of your cosmology: C-symmetry, where every particle is replaced with its antiparticle; P-symmetry, where everything appears as its mirror reflection; and T-symmetry, where the direction of time is reversed. There is also the unproven notion of Supersymmetry between bosons and fermions as symmetric partners.

    In summation, entropy occurs because energy is constantly being "lost" by the universe that has the potential to be transformed into something we relativistically define as order, symmetry, etc. Energy is lost because of the physical laws of the universe and the fact that entropy will increase over time as energy is dissipated whether or not order increases in any sub-systems such as life forms.

  9. Also sprach David:

    I think entropy must occur within our universe and cannot be transferred elsewhere. The exception to this might be the initial creation of our universe. The big bang could have been the result of God creating the system of laws governing our universe and the big bang was the entropy transfer from God along with the physical laws governing order. I think that potential entropy is balanced by potential order. The actual entropy and order could take place in the infinite number of universes that you are referring to. If God were to stop supplying metaversal order and systemic patterns, I believe entropy would decrease. Order and entropy exist in Special Relativity throughout all dimensions above the subatomic level. At the subatomic level in the realm of General Relativity, string theory and the four unifying forces of gravity, electromagnetism, the weak nuclear force, and the strong nuclear force, order exists but cannot be further created because this is at the level of the "Rule Sets" and therefore entropy cannot be increased.

  10. Hi Dave.

    Thanks so much for posting your excellent discussion of entropy and order. Apparently entropy/order is a fundamental rule of the universe, one I hadn't thought much about -- a manifestation of the primary ying/yang balance of creation.

    While I can't speak to many of the details you discuss regarding entropy, I can generalize a couple of statements. First, I think you must be right about entropy/order being contained within creation, whether in this dimension or others. What goes on in our universe stays in our universe until the end of our universe, at which time all dialectics are dissolved and all is one again.

    The discussion of general v. special relativity is exciting, and one we will no doubt carry forward in the blog.

  11. Hello Cyd,

    Your supposition and conclusion in the last paragraph was right--order and entropy occur at and below the particle level. This is where creation started. The rules that govern the behavior of vibrating strings and the resulting harmonics that describe the properties of particles are the contributing factors that allow for what we relatively refer to as order and the resulting entropy that further increases the amount of energy that is irretrievably disordered and lost in a closed system such as the universe. These building blocks of the universe based on their own properties create and destroy order. Part of that order is the creation of mankind who in his own right can create more order or disorder. Before the Fall, there would have been some unavoidable entropy as a result natural processes such as oxidation-reduction reactions or matter being converted to solar radiation that becomes unusable as it is thrown off into space as energy. As mankind has become a greater user of energy, entropy is increasing as more energy is being lost as unusable for the creation of further order. If our major ordered systems such as the earth's ecology becomes too disordered, then that system will create increasingly more entropy than order in physical and life processes. Can mankind use order to reduce entropy such as in reducing the carbon footprint? If we cannot reduce the entropy we are creating, then entropy will overtake us and we will become part of the lost and unusable energy. When that occurs, the planet will have the opportunity to balance itself albeit at a lower state of order at least temporarily.

    Perhaps based on this explanation of entropy and order, you can examine man's position visa vie God's plan and blueprint.

  12. Here's something I don't understand--why does energy use cause disorder? Can't energy work with order? Isn't energy required to sustain order?