Wednesday, December 2, 2009

2 Units of Consciousness

     As our universe expanded, over and over and over again, pale echoes of God’s mind attached themselves to the particles streaming out of the Big Bang.

God’s mind pulses with concentration at the birth of every thing in our universe. These pulsations send spherical waves of consciousness inward from the border of God’s mind toward creation, informing each new piece of material with its own unit of consciousness as it emerges from the portal of here and now.

     Time passed and creation became more complex as subatomic particles reached out to one another according to metaversal principles of organization. And particles made atoms, atoms made molecules, molecules made single-celled organisms, single-celled organisms diversified into the full panoply of life, and every one of these material building blocks came equipped with its own unit of consciousness (UC). Each tiny unit of consciousness knew what role it needed to play in order to help the universe create and sustain itself, for every UC could decode and instantiate its own special piece of the metaversal ideal.

quanta UC     

atomic UC

molecular UC

cellular UC

organism UC

societal UC

global UC

At each stage along the way from simple to complex, units of consciousness are increasingly sophisticated in their ability to regulate and manage their existence.