Wednesday, December 2, 2009

3 Traits of Units of Consciousness

 Each UC is a pale echo of God’s mind.  Or, to put it another way, each UC is a fractal replication of the Universal Unit of Consciousness.

 Each UC is capable of using the organizing principles that inform and sustain its existence in our universe.

 Each UC is fully capable of doing the job put to the material it governs.

 Every UC makes decisions affecting the material it governs. (A photon’s UC, for example, decides whether to go left or right according to various optical and physical laws of the universe and its relationships with other photons.)

 The more complex the UC, the more sophisticated its decision-making abilities.

 The more complex the UC, the more opportunities it has to exercise free will.

 Most UCs perform as expected—they “do their part,” they “work according to plan.”

 Every UC has the free will to fulfill or contradict its responsibilities.

 UCs are social and additive in number—they tend to work together in harmony with others like themselves.

 All UCs of the same level of complexity are linked laterally to one another in common purpose.

 The more UCs of the same level of complexity that are laterally linked, the greater their shared perception of here and now.

 All UCs aggregate hierarchically under more complex UCs.

 The degree to which any UC comprehends the universe is dependent upon the complexity of its aggregate UCs.

 Distribution of UCs is hierarchical—the more complex the UC, the fewer instances of it exist.

 Life forms consist of the aggregated UCs of the material forming their bodies, plus the governing UC of self-awareness.

 The more complex the organism, the more UCs it possesses.

 Each functional organ system within the organism possesses its own UC that governs that organ.

 God’s mind is the most complex UC of all, consisting of all potential as well as actual UCs of our universe, plus its own metaversal omniscience.

 As complex systems die and disintegrate, their aggregated UCs are released from the responsibility of supporting that particular life or material instantiation and revert to their simpler states of molecular consciousness.


  1. Cyd, you're GOT to start wearing a turban! Seriously.

  2. You say all UCs are linked laterally and aggregate hierarchically. Can UCs communicate with other UCs either higher or lower in the hierarchy?

    "The more UCs of the same level of complexity that are laterally linked, the greater their shared perception of here and now." I don't understand this. Does this mean that, since there are more atom UCs in the universe than there are, say, governing self-aware UCs, that the atom UCs have a greater shared perception of here and now than governing self-aware UCs?

    "The more UCs of the same level of complexity that are laterally linked, the greater their shared perception of here and now." Does the body its self have a UC? How many governing self-aware UCs can you have per body?

    What happens to a governing self-aware UC when it is released from the responsibility of supporting a particular life?


  3. Hello again, 13.
    Question 1: Yes, UCs can communicate up and down the line, but it's not easy to do. I think of our bodies as consisting of innumerable UCs attached to the cells and systems of our bodies. Your tummy UC communicates upline when it's hungry, and your governing UC reaches for a snack. In the other direction, your governing UC may feel tense and so it sends a signal downline to relax various muscles and nerves. Probably, the more hierarchical levels that separate the UCs, the more challenges to communication.
    From scriptures, we learn that the UC that we call God communicates and attempts to communicate in various ways with UCs in our universe. We usually pick up these transmissions through our intuition, but some UCs are able to "hear" God speak more directly on occasion.

    On to Question 2: Here's how it seems to me--yes, as you say, there are so many little quanta UCs and atomic UCs that, despite their very simple material expression (no brains, no blood for example) they still have a pretty firm grasp of the Universe because they are all over the place. But their responsibilities are very narrowly defined--a photon may only have one choice to make in its whole life, so that individual photon's UC doesn't know too much about anything else. But, when you consider all of the photons in this Universe, together they know everything there is to know about optics and light. We do know from the latest science that photons, once they are twined with another photon, know instantly everything that their twin photon does, no matter how far away their twin has gone. Furthermore, the twin photon's choices affect each other, so if, for example, one twin goes right, their other goes left.

    Pause to clear up misunderstanding: all UCs are self-aware, self-governing, with free will. You don't have to reach any level of sophistication to be a governing UC. Every UC governs the piece of material they are attached to, irregardless of how simple or inert the material appears to us humans. Which brings us to ...

  4. Question 3: Yes, the human body has a governing UC one step higher up than the UCs that make up our body and its systems. It is this governing UC that we think of as our self.

    Every body has many, many, many UCs. These UCs govern the atomic and molecular structure of the body; above that are UCs that govern each cell in the body (one UC per cell); above that is a UC for each organ--a heart UC, a lung UC, a sexual UC, etc. Then there is the UC that ties all of these subsystems together -- our "self" UC that makes the decisions about day to day life.

    The self UC, isn't always paying attention or doing its job. The self UC may be preoccupied with thoughts or songs or emotions and so the self isn't making the decision, but leaving the decisions to the body's UCs. Like driving a car, or having sex, or eating, or taking a bath--these are all activities that the organ level UCs can carry out without governing supervision or awareness.

    Question 4: You are asking if there can be more than one self UC per human body. Yes. In unusual circumstances, one body could be shared by more than one governing UC. Your self UC generally attaches to your body during embryonic development, probably at the time midwives call "quickening," when the body has developed all of its organic systems and the fetus begins independent movement in the womb.
    That's the standard process.
    When and how others join? One way would be if the body's originally assigned governing UC stopped paying attention--fell asleep--for some period of time, the body would seek a UC to fill in. Another way may happen at the quickening--when more than one UC might attach to that embryo's body from the get-go.

    Question 4: If, as so many scriptures indicate, there is an "astral plane" that is non-material, this would be the place where unattached UCs dwell in between incarnations, both after and prior to incarnation into the material plane. It is often suggested that humans incarnate into circumstances of their choosing, to work out their karma and also to be with UCs they love. If we accept this astral plane, which I am inclined to do, then that is where UCs go after their material ceases to exist. So this would be the no-place from which UCs come to inhabit bodies.

    Ask more! Or let me know what you think.

  5. Thank you for your answers to questions 1 and 2 and the clarification about self-aware UCs. I think I understand this better now.

    As for question 3, I have to give massive props to the body's UC. That one does NOT have an easy job. It's really amazing just how resilient it is! Course, it would probably have a much easier time of it if the self UCs didn't interfere with it so much.

    I was thinking about your answer to question 4 when you said more than one UC could attach to a body during the quickening. Then could it also be true that a UC could attach to more than one body?


  6. Yes, the body UCs do a great job. But they can be passionate about their desires with little regard to the effect on the entire body. Hopefully we can love our body's UCs and help them do their jobs of keeping us healthy and well even better than they can on their own. We must be wise, tolerant, and loving to our UCs.

    It's one thing for more than one governing UC to timeshare a body. The reverse is not necessarily true or possible. One UCs awareness can only be one place at a time--here and now. That UC would have to detach from the one body and reattach to a different body. One body at a time, but there could be more than one body in succession. If we consider reincarnation, for example, UCs regularly attach themselves to one body after another, and the thing that detaches them from the bodies is death.

    Here's a thought--one thing that could detach a governing UC from a living body could be severe brain trauma or catatonia or coma. In that case, the abandoned body would not be able to reawake to its old self, because its old self already moved on. This would theoretically be a source of unattached UCs that could look for another, functioning body to inhabit.