Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Model Refinements Underway

I'm currently working my way through Swami Sri Yukteswar's little book, The Holy Science.   In this book, the Swami proposes his explanation of the same topics this blog considers. I'm mapping his concepts onto our Simple Explanation. Happy to say, the Simple Explanation of the Science of Yoga is coming along quite nicely.

This week I have come to realize that the model needs an expulsive force to balance the implosive force of coherence/love. On the material level this will be expressed as the forces of physics. On the psychological and spiritual level this will be expressed as prana and joy, but also turning from higher level awareness and clinging to delusion.

In Comments at Ch. 9 we are considering the nature of self.   And we're currently talking about entropy in Comments at Ch. 12.

More on all this later...

The Simple Explanation continues to prove useful in discussing a wide range of topics. Through these discussions, the model develops. Join the conversation!

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