Friday, January 29, 2010

Images of Toroids, Images of UCs

Prior to reading this post, please acquaint yourself with "Start Here: A Simple Explanation--Basic Principles" in the column on the right side of the screen.

These drawings may help you visualize the Simple Explanation of Absolutely Everything

We can think of this wireframe version of the toroid as the idealized mathematical blueprint imagined by the metaversal consciousness prior to creation. The toroid is a doughnut shape, with a zero-point-sized hole at the middle of the doughnut, between the funnel points.

This chalk drawing is the same view as the wireframe toroid.  The inner and outer surface of the doughnut's shell is yellow. We're seeing a cross-section of the inside of the doughnut. The blue is the field contained within the toroidal shape. Try to visualize these images as 3-D, not 2-D. The blue-colored inside of this torus is shaped like a tube--what is pictured as two blue circles are two sides of one blue tube encircling the white star.

Here is a top cutaway view of the toroid, looking down on the zero-point hole at the middle. I chose this color scheme because this is what people "see" when they look out with the "third eye" during meditation. From the top, it looks like a white/gold ring with a blue center and bright light at the middle.

In these chalk drawings, the black background is the formless metaverse. The yellow shell represents the "shape of God's mind" also known as the original unit of consciousness. This shell is not a material object, but a thought vibration. The area represented by the blue field is our material universe. The white center star represents the zero-point middle--called "Here and Now" in the Simple Explanation.

These chalk drawings also represent each and every unit of consciousness (UC) in our universe, as every UC is a perfect echo of the original UC.

It is my belief that this toroid will also be proven to be the mathematic shape taken on by quantum probability clouds as well as the mathematical shape of our observable universe. That it is the shape of our galaxy has only just been demonstrated.

Delivery of autophagosomes to lysosomes along a dividing CHO cell.


  1. Okay, lol this is the woman who you have been responding to over Christianity and Memes. Anyway I couldn't resist, because you used a bagel to demonstrate the toroid shape. Okay am I nuts? Bagel-Jews-Jesus-Christians. It like the Star of David thing. Lol, sorry silly I know. PS- My father also work in the Air Force Missile Program.

  2. Dude, even if we are far far away and Ive never heard of you, I was just searching for images of a toroid to explain my son the geometry of the universe.
    this is really really weird, were you aware since age what?
    anyway, toruses in toruses fractal style? As I read from your description, (I refuse to read any other article before you respond to me) you are trying to mix scientific explanations with ancient teachings, have you ever used psydelichs? or have you ever percieved that entangled tv wall style thing on your dreams/trips??
    Will love to hear from you,

    Best regards,


    1. Buenos dias Rodrigo. Glad you found my site. I've been aware of the toroidal shape of the universe since about age 30; 30 years ago. Meditating on shape since that time.
      No psychedelics beyond cannabis.
      Tell me more about the tv wall style thing, por favor.

    2. Hi Cyd! glad to see your answer!
      I think I was "aware" as in I know-it-all since I´ve been a little kid, eventhough I could not explain things formally, so it has been a depressing road, I have theorized lots of things by myself just to discover them to be true by hardcore physicists. I live in Colombia, and education here sucks. I do believe that given the correct education in my childhood I could now explain a lot of things!.. anyway.. once experimenting with dissociatives and meditation, I was able to "walk in a room" which ressembled a menger sponge made up of what I can only interpret as TVs, on those tv screens I saw different "versions" of myself, kind of every possible self I could have been everywhere.
      I´ve had repeated the experience twice, though It requiered a lot (and I mean a LOT) of extreme abstract thinking and preparation days beforehand attempting to visualize it.
      I do know that all the secrets of existence are locked inside my/our/the mind, we´re just to distracted to look for them.
      Have you read about the Soma? as in Vedic culture?
      Many ancidnt civilizations had knowledge we´re just discovering and wow-ing about, when all humanity needed was a hassle free enviroment to understand existence. Nice to talk to you!
      We should repeat this....