Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mud Up, Spirit Down--A Simple Explanation of Bodies and Souls

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"Mud up, Spirit down" was a seminal idea that came to me a few years ago as I was mulling over the relationship between our bodies and our souls. Turns out it's nothing new--it's another way of describing what Yoga philosophy calls chakras, from the first chakra up to the seventh chakra.  It's also a classic dialectic of Christianity, as in: "the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak."

I'm currently diagramming the nesting toroids that inform our Universe. This diagram will appear in a post we'll call "A Simple Diagram of the Toroidal Universe." It pertains to this discussion. Watch for it.

Meanwhile, here's a Simple Explanation of "Mud up, Spirit down."  What I think of as "me" is made up of a governing unit of consciousness (UC)(my immortal "Self") and many, many other UCs all aggregated together to form my physical body. Each of these UCs is a perfect replica of the proto-UC--what we refer to sometimes as "God's Mind" or the "Holy Spirit."  What I was pondering was this: if all these UCs are instantiations of perfection, then why aren't we perfect?  Answer: it's the mud. Our UCs are tied to these "material" instantiations and so have become localized in time and space, ergo are no longer omniscient and omnipresent but only so many pieces of matter, or "mud." Each UC, from sub-atomic particle on up, performs the job it instantiated to do, whether that be holding a hydrogen atom together, respirating a lung cell, or making a baby.

While our bodies are made of mud, our governing UC--our "Self"--is pure consciousness. Our Self UC is associated with the aggregate UCs that make up our mortal body, but the Self is immaterial and therefore immortal. It's the Self UC that people refer to as souls, or spirits. This Self UC is, indeed, perfect. But it lives with these other UCs that cloud its perfection with concerns of the mud UCs.

We are held in  suspension between the affairs of the mud and the flesh UCs and the governing wisdom of the Self UC, which is directly informed by the metaverse (or God).  Hence, "Mud up, Spirit Down."


  1. Since all Units of Consciousness are identical emanations of the original Universal UC--known variously as "God" or "Brahman" with all the infinite perfection that implies--it must be the mud and flesh that errs or sins; as in "the Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak." The cure for this condition (sometimes referred to as the sinful state of man) is bringing the Self UC (atman) and the mud and flesh it governs into alignment with the Universal UC.

  2. Actually, the "mud" UCs may be less deluded than our Self UCs, due to fewer distractions. The place where our aggregate UCs become lost in Maya is the level where the "mud" becomes more interested in the affairs of Creation than in the affairs of the Origination. At the simplest level of material instantiation, the quantum clouds, there is very little delusion, as the quantum UCs are so fresh and near the "center" where information comes in from the Metaverse. Refer to the articles concerning fractal consciousness for a fuller explanation of "mud up, spirit down." Also read the article "My Self, the Governor of Whoville."

    1. Look at diet. Biophotons, as they've been termed, are the Coherent light that emanates from all biological life (UCs?) while non-biological life emanates incoherent light (mud?). Fritz Popp found that ripe fresh foods that grow in a unadulterated area (wilderness) contain Light that is twice as Coherent as organically grown foods and organically grown foods contain Light that is 5 times as Coherent as commercially grown foods. Processed foods contain little is any Coherent light. Our bodies are able to transmute incoherent light into Coherent light but becomes taxed over time but when foods are consumed fresh the Coherent light is easily assimilated by the Light in our bodies to increase Coherency. The flesh becomes weak over time as incoherent Light taxes the bodily processes but the flesh begins realignment with the Holy Spirit as more Coherent light is consumed through fresh whole foods. This is a very interesting line of thought and not many individuals, in my experience and research, have made this connection for one reason or another. The Spirit of Life is the Light within all of Life and the more we partake of this Coherency the easier it is to maintain phase with the Creator.

      Peace -)

    2. Peace to you! Yes, this all sounds right to me. I visited the information you posted in both Comments and it moves me in the direction of going raw again. Difficult to do in my position of breakfast chef; at least we've got the organic coherence going for us! Adds to my desire for meditating longer and joining a Yoga center for group practice. Soon...