Monday, January 25, 2010

Who Am "I" After Death?

Prior to reading this post, please acquaint yourself with the Basic Principles in the column on the right side of the screen. This post arises from Comments posted to Chapter 9--Who Am "I"?  in December/January 2009/10. To read the original thread, consisting primarily of a dialogue between a reader and myself, click here.

Who Am "I"After Death?
We've established that the "soul" associated with this material body is a perfect replica of the original unit of consciousness. If, during life, my UC is affected by the aggregated UCs of my body (my "mud"), then what if anything affects my perfect UC after the body passes away?

Perhaps the individual "me" that persists beyond death comes down to my ongoing karma.  If this is the case, then the "me" that continues to influence the fate of the Self UC after death is nothing but the holographic pattern of all the choices ever made by my UC. In life, this karmically generated vibratory pattern attracts or repels the memes associated with my meme bundles. The memes I think of as "me" are not a part of my Self UC, but are drawn to me by my karmic pattern. It is my karmic record that attracts and repels the patterns of memes surrounding my life at any moment. That the "you" that exists between material incarnations is nothing but your karmic record is proved by one of our basic assertions that all UCs are fundamentally one and the same, and that all UCs begin their individuated journey as perfect echoes of God. Then it follows that "I" develop as a result of my choices and the choices of others--"I" am my perfect UC enshrouded in karma and the memes that my karma attracts. 

In Yogic philosophy it is said that an enlightened Yogi has become free of attachments and can therefore perceive the Oneness of all things. The Simple Explanation of this phenomenon would be that the Yogi has successfully laid down all of his or her memes and can therefore perceive his or her perfect UC stripped of its karmic shroud. Freed of personal memes and karma, the Yogi can instantiate God's will without delusion. The same phenomenon is known as "buddhahood" in Buddhism, and "sainthood" in Christianity. According to tradition, these liberated UCs are no longer bound to this material world by their discarded memes. If they do return to earth, it is in order to help others by sharing love and information.

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