Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Simple Explanation of Christianity

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The Simple Explanation can be applied to traditional spiritual teachings, including Christianity. For those of us who are Christians, here is how this would work:

When the model speaks of “the metaverse,” this is God the Father, Creator of Heaven and Earth, infinite energy and non-localized consciousness.

When the model says the metaverse “vibrated with every organizing principle needed to shape and sustain space and time, energy and mass,” this is God the Son. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” The Word is Logos, Greek for information and principles of organization—The Law.

When the model says that consciousness wrapped itself around our universe and took on a shape, this is God the Holy Spirit, hereinafter referred to as the "Universal UC" in the Simple Explanation. At the macro scale, the Holy Spirit surrounds all of creation at the border of the metaverse. This “shape” of God’s mind can be visualized as the universal Unit of Consciousness. Within our universe, the Holy Spirit instantiates an echo of God’s mind at the birth of every subsequent UC. Thus, the universe is pervaded, within and without, by the presence of the Holy Spirit.

When the Bible speaks of a person’s spirit, this refers to the Self’s unit of consciousness. This UC is “made in the image of God,” and is a replica of the spirit of God, or the Holy Spirit. As such, God’s Law is written on the heart of every thing in creation.

According to the New Testament, Jesus the Christ was “fully human” and “fully God.” This means that the UC associated with Jesus of Nazareth was a fully realized copy of the UC of the Holy Spirit. Jesus never allowed his personal will to contradict the will of God streaming in from the metaverse. As a fully-realized UC, Jesus was entirely coherent with God’s will, which is to say, Jesus was without sin. Thus, Jesus never accrued karmic debt. Since Jesus did not live for himself but for God alone, he never enshrouded his UC with personal meme bundles and karma.

When asked his central message, Jesus responded that we were to “Love God and to love one another as we love ourselves.” In terms of this model, God would like us to embrace the information and patterns streaming in from the metaverse whenever we make a decision; when we do this, we are “loving God.” Then, God would like us to love ourselves. This means that we are to love our flesh’s aggregate UCs and do what is best for our organism. We are also to love our Self’s UC and act with wisdom in concert with God’s will. Finally, we are to take the focus off of ourselves and our treasured memes, and to reach out laterally with love and information to our brethren UCs.

Jesus came that we might not perish because of the law (of karma) but that we might live life more abundantly. He demonstrated through the example of his life that it is possible to be a fully-realized UC, living moment-by-moment in the service of God’s will. “Believing on Christ” for salvation is an invitation for the UC of the Holy Spirit to dwell in fullness in your UC—to allow the energy of God to shine unobstructed through your UC. To be “Born Again” is to make a decision to lay down your personal meme bundle and to allow the Holy Spirit’s UC to live through you. Baptism is a ritual enactment of washing away your undesired meme chords so that God’s memes may flow through you.

A Simple Translation of The Lord’s Prayer

Our Father from beyond, Creator of this material world, we address you with the utmost respect.

We invite your plans and principles to inform and bring order to our universe, trusting that your intention for us is best.

We acknowledge that you are the source of all that is needed to nourish and sustain our lives.

We realize that our karmic shortcomings can only be forgiven to the same extent we forgive others for their karmic shortcomings.

We desire to set down any memes that stand in the way of doing what is best for ourselves and others.

For your kingdom transcends this small universe, and your power is infinite, and we are but humble echoes of your great loving spirit.


Metaverse -- God the Father

The Word


  1. Beautiful, logical, and sound. Thank you for providing this insight.

    1. Thank you. I appreciate your appreciation.